Celebrating 15 Years of Hospitalist Service | OBHG

It’s a special year for OBHG as we celebrate an important milestone, the company’s 15th anniversary.

In 2006, OB/GYN Dr. Chris Swain recognized the disparity in care pregnant women received when presenting to the hospital emergently. That year, Dr. Swain launched OBHG’s first program in Florida with the creation of the nation’s first 24/7 obstetric emergency department (OBED). Read more about OBHG’s history here.

Soon after OBHG’s first program launched, Dr. Swain received interest from hospitals across the country that recognized the benefits of the model for patients, OB/GYNs, nursing staff, and hospital administration. Fifteen years later, what began as a single program with four OB hospitalists has grown to become the nation’s largest and only dedicated OB hospitalist provider. Today, OBHG’s 1,000+ clinicians (with support from 200+ non-clinical employees), deliver differentiated performance and results at more than185 hospital partner sites in 34 states.

Throughout the years, we have remained solely dedicated to our core of OB hospitalist medicine. This single focus sets us apart from competitors and enables us to deliver better outcomes for obstetric patients and hospital partners. Even as we’ve grown to become a national organization and industry leader, we remain committed to adaptability and unparalleled service. Learn more about our differentiation here.

As we launch 2021 and celebrate an amazing 15 years in business, we pause to say thank you to all of our partners, employees and supporters. Throughout 2021, we’ll highlight past successes and accomplishments of our hospital partners, clinicians and employees. We encourage you to follow along on our blog.

“OBHG’s 15th anniversary is an important time to reflect on the past and look towards the future. I am humbled to work with so many incredible clinicians and employees who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our patients. Even through the pandemic, our teams have stayed focused on our mission of providing consistent and unconditional care for expectant mothers and their babies. Looking ahead, we will stay committed to our single focus, while exploring opportunities to continue to expand access to care and further drive better outcomes for all mothers and babies.”
Lenny Castiglione, Chief Executive Officer

“I am honored to have been a part of OBHG’s journey for the last 12 years. Throughout that time, we’ve strengthened our clinical programs through an infrastructure of shared learning, best practices, and data benchmarking and reporting, while keeping our core purpose of elevating the standard of care for all pregnant women. As the nation continues to grapple with the maternal mortality crisis, rural healthcare challenges and physician shortages, I believe that OBHG is well positioned to address and help solve these important challenges. I am looking forward to the future!”
Mark Simon, MD, Chief Medical Officer

As we continue to grow our hospital partner base and national footprint, we look forward to the future built on the foundation of the past 15 years.

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