Energizing our leaders – OBHG’s National Clinical Leadership Meeting

OBHG actively works to support and cultivate our clinician leaders. To reinforce that commitment, OBHG sponsored its National Clinical Leadership Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on Oct. 11-12, 2018. Nearly 90 clinical leaders gathered for education, connection and discussion at the annual meeting.

Our on-site clinical leaders participated in group sessions covering topics ranging from leadership to clinician engagement. Our leaders also held a clinical group session addressing maternal mortality.

“The National Clinical Leadership Meeting is arguably our most important meeting of the year,” said OBHG Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Simon. “Our clinical leaders are able to gain important skills that will help them in their day-to-day roles at their program. This meeting also serves as a reminder that each of them is supported by peers across our diverse network and our OBHG support team. These days reenergize our entire clinical management team on our ultimate goal of improving healthcare for women all across the country.”

In addition to educational and collaboration sessions, OBHG clinical leaders participated in multiple networking events, connecting with colleagues from across 32 states. Several standout OBHG Site Directors were honored with Excellence in Clinical Leadership Awards. These included:

Dr. Renee Lockey – OBHG Site Director, Memorial Hospital Central & North, Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Shana Yeager – OBHG Site Director, Rancho Springs Medical Center, Murrieta, CA
Dr. Michelle Mulder – OBHG Site Director, CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – South, Corpus Christi, TX
Dr. Jim Hardy – OBHG Site Director, UNC Rex Hospital, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Lisa Bukovac – OBHG Site Director, Winchester Medical Center, Staunton VA

Pictured left to right: Dr. Mark Simon (OBHG Chief Medical Officer), Dr. Renee Lockey, (OBHG Site Director), Dr. Shana Yeager (OBHG Site Director), Dr. Michelle Mulder (OBHG Site Director), Dr. Jim Hardy (OBHG Site Director), Dr. Lisa Bukovac (OBHG Site Director), Dr. Chris Swain (OBHG Founder)

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