OBHG clinician’s article addresses cultural bias in labor and delivery

Dr. Alissa Erogbogbo, OBHG Medical Director of Operations, addresses cultural bias in labor and delivery in a new article published in MedpageToday. In the article, Dr. Ergobogbo discusses that in order to close the gaps in care caused by cultural biases, healthcare providers need to understand the practices that contribute to biased care and know what can be done to curb instances of cultural bias, especially in labor and delivery.

Dr. Erogbogbo also provides specific guidance to healthcare providers working in a hospital labor and delivery setting including:
• taking patient’s claims of pain seriously
• being cognizant that patients who do not speak English are not uneducated
• recognizing that all patients deserve attention regardless of their appearance
• ensuring all patients receive a birth experience free from non-delivery-related stress

In the article, Dr. Erogbogbo states that she believe the U.S. healthcare system can make inroads in addressing cultural competence, but in order to do this, providers must take strides to check their own assumptions.

To read Dr. Erogbogbo's full insights and recommendations on the subject, click here.

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