Obstetric hospitalists can screen for postpartum depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most common complication of pregnancy, and onset can occur at any time from pregnancy until up to 1 year post partum. Estimates of the prevalence of PPD in new mothers in the United States varied by state from 8% to 20% in 2012, with an overall average of 12%.

Dr. Jane van Dis, OBHG hospitalist and medical director of business development, wrote an editorial published in MdEdge ObGyn laying out the importance of screening for PPD and how obstetric hospitalists can play a key role. 

“Obstetric hospitalists can be a bridge between inpatient and outpatient follow-up and catalysts for implementing universal inpatient PPD screening,” writes van Dis. “Our role presents an opportunity to start the discussion early and often in the fourth trimester and to make a significant difference in addressing this critical unmet need in postnatal care.”

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