Dr. Charrell Thomas – 10 years of transforming care!

Ob Hospitalist Group is celebrating the long-serving clinicians who carry out our mission and transform care for mothers and babies every day.

Dr. Charrell Thomas, one of the first physicians to join the OBHG team, has worked as a hospitalist since 2008 and now serves as team lead at Memorial Hospital – Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Thomas says the OB hospitalist concept was very new when she first started with OBHG.

“I spent a significant amount of time explaining my role – both to the patients and to the other providers here in the hospital.”

“Private physicians were often reticent in the beginning, not sure how their patients would be managed. Over time, the OB hospitalists have become integral to the running of our OBED and every private utilizes our services, without exception.”

Dr. Thomas came to work with OBHG after hearing a talk by founder Dr. Chris Swain at a departmental meeting.

“I had entered the private practice arena and was nearing the end of a two-year contract when Dr. Swain came to Memorial and presented the concept at the OB Department meeting,” she says.

“I spoke with him and indicated that if the program ever came to fruition at Memorial, I was interested.

“My contract came to an end and I had accepted a position in Houston, Texas. Two days before we were to fly out to house hunt in Texas, Dr. Swain contacted me to let me know that a program would be starting at Memorial in the next few months. When I explained that I was scheduled to fly out and start my new position in several weeks, he made a few phone calls and called me back to offer me a job. The rest is history!”

Medical Director of Operations Dr. Sue Smith says Dr. Thomas has been an incredible asset to the Memorial Hospital program.

“Dr. Thomas has been a loyal, dedicated, and committed physician to OBHG for 10 years. She has devoted herself to intervening in countless emergencies and providing other valuable services that have increased the standard and quality of care to thousands of women in the Jacksonville area.

“In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Dr. Thomas’ leadership as team lead and her interactions with hospital leadership during the 10 years of our partnership have played a crucial role in the success of our program,” says Dr. Smith.

“It has been a pleasure to work with her over the past several years and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Dr. Charrell Thomas attended Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Va., and received her medical degree from University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, Va. She completed residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. She also serves as OB consultant for the Duval County Health Department. Thank you for your service, Dr. Thomas!

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