Results of Hospital Partner Survey | OBHG

As the market leader, OBHG is always looking for opportunities to drive continuous improvement in women’s health and maternal outcomes. With this mindset, we undertook an intensive survey process where we asked for feedback from our current hospital partners to understand how we are meeting their expectations and opportunities for us to continue to improve the service we provide to hospital administration, hospital staff and their patients.

Survey respondents were asked to rank OBHG’s services on qualities such as program criteria importance and satisfaction, overall program satisfaction and likelihood to recommend OBHG. Reviewers were also asked to provide recommendations of how we can improve our service.

Thanks to all of our hospital partners who took the time to provide this invaluable feedback and perspective! Below are some things we learned from our partners.

Key results
According to the survey results, 75 percent of our hospital partners ranked 9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10 regarding how likely they would recommend partnering with OBHG. While we have room for improvement, we are pleased with these results and believe that this confidence in OBHG as a partner is a direct result of the strength of our OBHG team members.

The survey also revealed that 24/7 physician coverage, improved patient safety, greater physician responsiveness and increased support for nursing staff are the program elements that our hospital partners value the most.

We are also proud of the strength of our Site Directors of OB Hospitalists. Our Site Directors provide the clinical leadership for our hospitalist teams to deliver services to patients, hospitals, nurses and community providers. Nearly half of our Site Directors received perfect scores in the areas of professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness with many others receiving near perfect scores in the survey.

Overall, the results of the survey were extremely positive. We have shared the results with our operations team members and passed on directly the many highly complementary comments about specific members of the team. We have also developed action plans for some of the opportunities which were identified throughout this process and look forward to continuing to improve and innovate in how women’s health is delivered across the country.

Hospital partner comments
Here are some comments provided by our hospital partners during the survey process:

“I am so very pleased with the dedication of the physicians providing this service to us. They are more than willing to do whatever is asked of them and have been helpful in not just emergencies, but ‘routine’ situations. They are knowledgeable, professional, have a great bedside manner and are very collaborative with both our nursing and physician staff.”
– Wisconsin OBHG hospital partner

“(The OBHG hospitalists) have always been very responsive and provided tremendous support for the nursing staff. We have definitely seen improvement in our quality metrics.”
– California OBHG hospital partner

“Having OBHG in our facility has certainly helped in making us feel safer in our care. The doctors are top notch.”
– Illinois OBHG hospital partner

“I have been very pleased with OBHG and the services provided to our facility. The amount of support given to our nursing staff as well as our nursing leadership has been very generous.”
– Texas OBHG hospital partner

“I am very pleased with OBHG and grateful we are partners.”
– Oklahoma OBHG hospital partner

“Our service from you has been exceptional. I’m not sure you could do much to improve it. The teamwork is amazing. It has been an easy partnership!”
– Indiana OBHG hospital partner

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