National Midwifery Week with OBHG nurse midwives

This week is designated as National Midwifery Week. OBHG is proud to have a growing number of certified nurse-midwives as part of our clinical team. This added dimension to our hospital programs allows us to fulfill our mission of ensuring that all patients receive the best care possible.

As the practice of obstetrics continues to evolve in the United States, we are faced with the reality that our country’s system of care has not delivered the best results. We have the highest maternal death rate of any developed country. At the same time, increasing financial pressure have resulted in a shortage of OB/GYN clinicians.

At OBHG, we believe that every patient is best served by a team working in tandem to deliver the best care possible. Furthermore, we believe that the midwifery model of collaborative, patient-centered care must be part of the overall solution for obstetrics in the United States.

As we celebrate National Midwifery Week, we recognize the many important contributions of our OBHG certified nurse-midwives and the midwives our teams work alongside at our hospital programs.

“The art of collaboration continues to be key in providing comprehensive care to our patients and I'm proud to recognize the midwives with OBHG for their ongoing efforts to optimize communication amongst a multidisciplinary care team!”
– Tanya Kirk, OBHG certified nurse-midwife

“We love our midwives! They are an essential part of our team. Whenever they're not here we feel their absence!”
– OBHG OB/GYN physician

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