Supporting our clinicians during the pandemic

Healthcare workers on the front lines are dealing with the dual stressors of caring for patients and saving lives as they grapple with the same uncertainties facing everyone else. At OBHG, our commitment to our clinicians is one of our top priorities. When the first COVID-19-positive patients began to present at hospitals across the country, OBHG leadership recognized the importance of keeping open lines of communication with front-line staff and continuing to provide additional support and resources.

Team-wide communication and collaboration has never been more vital

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration and open communication with our clinicians. Some of the approaches OBHG is using to communicate with our clinicians and encourage collaboration during the pandemic include:

A commitment to regularly sharing news and resources

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had teams in place vigilantly monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation to make sure that our clinicians are informed and prepared on the most up-to-date screening, testing and treatment recommendations. Almost immediately, our clinical leadership began regular communication with our clinicians to confirm they are taking the appropriate personal precautions to prevent infection and have the resources and knowledge they need to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

Ob Exchange

One of our most popular vehicles for clinical engagement is our Ob Exchange platform. This web-based tool provides a supportive forum to tap into collective knowledge and expertise of the skilled OB/GYNs in our clinical network nationwide. During the pandemic, Ob Exchange has been a highly utilized and valuable place for clinicians across the OBHG network to collaborate, exchange information and access the latest learnings about COVID-19.

OBHG’s Friday Forum

When the pandemic began, OBHG CEO Lenny Castiglione and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Simon began recording weekly messages for our clinical and support teams. An OBHG clinician or other internal “guest” frequently joins the program to talk about a specific topic such as physician leadership, implicit bias, wellness or the launch of an OBHG initiative. OBHG’s Friday Forum sessions have been such a successful vehicle for keeping the OBHG team connected that they will continue post-pandemic.

Clinician wellness is even more of a priority

Recognizing that the uncertainty of COVID-19 has left many physicians and other health professionals feeling alone and stressed, OBHG continues to be proactive in protecting the well being of our clinicians.

OBHG’s CARE program

It didn’t take a pandemic for OBHG to recognize the pervasive and ongoing need to address physician burnout. In 2018, we launched the clinician-focused CARE (Clinician Assistance, Recovery & Encouragement) Program – a first-of-its-kind peer initiative designed to support clinicians suffering from the psychological impact of an adverse event. The program is based on the “first responder” approach: emotional first aid and ongoing, peer-to-peer wraparound support. OBHG’s CARE program is an option for any OBHG clinicians who may be suffering from COVID-19-related depression or exhaustion or struggling to function optimally in their ongoing roles.

Conversations that Matter

During the pandemic, several OBHG clinicians began a new initiative called “Conversations that Matter.” All OBHG clinicians are encouraged to attend these recurring meetings featuring a different physician leader speaking on a topic such as gratitude, trust, morale and “what the new normal will look like.” Attendance is voluntary, and attendees are encouraged to share as much as they want—or say nothing at all. Participants report feeling recharged by the opportunity to talk about experiences and connect with each other.

New OBHG Care Fund

OBHG’s new Care fund was established during the pandemic as a way of helping OBHG teammates who may be negatively impacted. The fund provides financial resources, on an individual basis, to those who are putting themselves on the front lines on behalf of OBHG during the pandemic and may need additional assistance.

Fostering wellness during COVID-19

Another way OBHG is supporting employees during the pandemic is through the growth of additional wellness benefits. While OBHG has always supported employee well being, new benefit offerings available to all employees include free online fitness and wellness programs, accessible to employees and their families.

Interested in joining the OBHG team?

Even before the pandemic, OBHG offered a wide array of benefits and resources to its clinicians. Since the pandemic began, the depth of these benefits and support has continued to grow. If you’re an OB/GYN interested in the OB hospitalist lifestyle, here’s why now is a great time to plan a career transition. Also feel free to sign up for our twice-monthly job alerts to keep you up to date on our latest openings.



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