A collaborative approach

Every OBHG hospitalist program is customized for our partner hospitals based on their unique culture, processes, and objectives to elevate the quality of care, reduce malpractice risk, support and attract local providers, support the nursing staff and contribute financially and operationally to key performance metrics.  We leverage our national network of OBHG hospitals to inspire and evolve a universal code of excellence in women’s healthcare.

OBHG physicians are stationed in the hospital 24/7 to perform real-time triage on every patient entering the labor and delivery unit or obstetric emergency department. Their presence reduces delays in emergent OB/GYN care, improves outcomes, reduces wait times, and increases patient satisfaction compared with traditional triage protocols. In addition, our hospitalists are available around the clock for on-site consultation and support for local physicians.

What we deliver

Patient care is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our OB hospitalist programs increase the quality of care for all patients by ensuring they are seen quickly by highly skilled clinicians.

After the implementation of an OBHG program, our hospital partners see an increase in core quality metrics (including C-section, VBAC rates and NQF scores) which improve patient outcomes and drive patient experience.

Our successful medical malpractice record, which trends well below the national average, is due in large part to our ability to improve outcomes.

An onsite site director clinically manages each of our programs, who, in turn, is supported by a medical director of operations.

Each program is also supported by regional and national leadership, which drives program optimization and continuous improvement.

Both our clinical and operational leadership are personally invested in our customer’s experience, providing hands-on support to our hospitalists and hospital administration.


Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) partners with hospitals across the nation to improve maternal health and ensure that every expectant mother is afforded consistent, unconditional quality medical care by highly skilled clinicians.

Not only will outsourcing obstetric services with OBHG result in improved obstetric patient outcomes and reduced risk, but it will also help improve engagement and collaboration with staff and physicians.

Download the five benefits of partnering with OBHG.

Key program components

Active On-Site Coverage

  • Triage of every patient entering the OB hospitalist program
  • Non-competitive support for local providers
  • Backup support for medical staff
  • Training expertise
  • Participation in department leadership, committees and medical staff meetings

Clinical leadership

  • Clinical protocol implementation and management
  • Physician training, simulation drills and continuing medical education
  • Data reporting and benchmarking

Labor and Delivery/OB hospitalist management

  • OB emergency room implementation and management
  • Physician schedule management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Quarterly OB program performance review
  • Community provider outreach

Quality Management (SAFE program)

  • Risk data reporting
  • Internal processes and compliance reviews
  • Quality data and outcomes metrics tracking and analysis
  • Medical malpractice coverage

Ongoing program customization

  • Program offering customized to fit the size and needs of the hospital
  • Ability to scale with hospitals
  • Clinical, operational, and compliance expertise
  • Candidate identification and recruitment
  • Coordinated physician team selection


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