Improving access to maternal care

Is your hospital struggling to keep your obstetrics unit staffed? Do you need innovative solutions to support pregnant women in your community? Today’s hospitals need advanced options to support staff and ensure that obstetrics and maternal health services remain in the community.

Drawn from OBHG’s experience and success working with more than 200 hospital partners of all sizes, OBHG bridges gaps in care by bringing obstetric care to communities so that women don’t have to travel great distances for maternal care. These custom-designed solutions are distinct from OBHG’s core OB hospitalist model and include a variety of non-traditional offerings aimed at impacting maternal care outcomes.

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Flexible solutions

While OBHG’s traditional full-time and part-time OB hospitalist models are the right fit for many hospitals, others need something different. OBHG’s Maternal Health Access Solutions alternative options are customized to meet the needs of each individual hospital. Many of these options can be paired together.

Benefits for hospitals

  • Allows you to keep families within your community, keep your services open
  • Supports your staff and community physicians (Relieve staffing issues)
  • Keeps higher risk patients in market
  • Increases positive maternal and birth outcomes
  • Creates safer coverage solutions to alleviate risk within your financial constraints
  • Decreases malpractice exposure
  • Supports your labor and delivery growth strategies
  • Decreases payer costs

Customized model examples

  • On-site coverage – We’re providing 24/7 onsite physician support for a rural hospital with no community OB/GYNs and only one CNM, helping prevent L&D unit closures.
  • Hybrid clinic coverage – For a 450-delivery hospital, our five 24-hour shifts per week coverage model includes a blend of clinic coverage (overseeing work of Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner), in-house coverage and off-site on-call weekends and weeknights coverage.
  • Weekend coverage – We’re providing weekend coverage for a hospital that needed additional support for their two community OB/GYNs, enabling the community OB/GYNs to extend practice longevity.
  • TeleMFM – Through a collaborative model, we’re bringing OB hospitalists and MFM physicians to the patient’s bedside in minutes, bolstering maternity care access for high-risk pregnancies.
  • Clinic coverage and off-site coverage – For a 350-delivery community hospital partner, OBHG clinicians are running Monday – Friday clinic and providing off-site hospital coverage along with the existing staff.
  • Supporting a single provider – We’re elevating the standard of care at a 300-delivery hospital where we are providing around-the-clock L&D support for a single community OB.

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