Video: Delivering life-saving care: a complicated twin delivery

OBHG Site Director Dr. Michael Green was in the hospital call room when he received notification that a pregnant patient expecting twins had arrived at the hospital. The patient was scheduled for a C-section the following day, but it was obvious she was ready to deliver right away. A nurse had called the patient’s private doctor and left a message, but she was unable to reach him. The patient was in a lot of pain, and it became evident that there was a complication with the position of one of the babies.

“If a hospital is going to be doing obstetrics, I think it’s a standard of care to have an obstetrician in-house 24/7. Having an Obstetrics Emergency Department (OBED) is a great way to accomplish that. We do a great job. But somebody needs to be there because otherwise, this situation would have been a disaster. This was a life-changing event for that whole family, for the mom, the husband, and the baby. Both babies. I feel good about what we do as OB hospitalists and the difference that we make in our patients’ lives.”

Watch Dr. Green’s video account of his story and learn how he delivered life-saving care.

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