The Obstetrics Podcast: Work life balance as an OB hospitalist

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In a recent episode of the Obstetrics Podcast, Dr. Joanne Williamson and Dr. Neely Dean, both board-certified OB/GYNs and market medical directors for Ob Hospitalist Group, shared their experiences on achieving a better work-life balance through their roles as OB hospitalists.

The Shift from Private Practice to being an OB hospitalist

Dr. Joanne Williamson began by explaining her transition from working at a nonprofit hospital to becoming an OB hospitalist. The shift from a nonprofit to a for-profit hospital changed the environment and focus, emphasizing profit over patient care, which conflicted with her values. Moving to an OB hospitalist role allowed her to refocus on patient care and spend more time with her family due to the structured nature of shift work. “What I love about Ob Hospitalist Group is the focus on providing excellent, safe care to women, which aligns with why I went into medicine.”

Dr. Neely Dean shared a similar sentiment. After becoming a mother, the demanding hours of private practice led her to seek a better balance between her professional responsibilities and family life. Despite moving to a larger practice with fewer calls, she found herself working excessively long hours, often missing significant family moments. This realization prompted her to consider the OB hospitalist path, offering more control over her schedule and more time with her family.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Both physicians emphasized how becoming OB hospitalists improved their work-life balance significantly. Dr. Dean now enjoys participating in her daughter’s school activities and spending quality time with friends and family. Similarly, Dr. Williamson treasures her newfound ability to attend her children’s school events and spend more time at home. She notes, “When I go to work, I’m completely focused, and I feel like I can be fully present both at work and at home.”

Impact on Career Longevity

The transition to an OB hospitalist role also has potential benefits for career longevity. Dr. Dean pointed out that this career path allows physicians to avoid burnout and extend their careers by offering a balanced work environment. Dr. Williamson added that this model helps address the looming physician shortage by keeping experienced doctors in practice longer, thus maintaining a high level of care for patients.

Leadership Opportunities

With the more predictable and manageable schedule of an OB hospitalist, both Dr. Williamson and Dr. Dean found time to take on leadership roles. Dr. Williamson explained that the reduced stress and increased availability allowed her to embrace leadership opportunities within Ob Hospitalist Group. Dr. Dean echoed this sentiment, sharing that she could engage in leadership roles without sacrificing family time.

Surprising Benefits

Both doctors were pleasantly surprised by the benefits of their new roles. Dr. Williamson found that she became highly skilled in hospitalist medicine, continually improving her patient management skills. She also appreciated the strong team dynamics and the ability to balance her professional and personal life effectively.

Dr. Dean shared that she feared losing patient connections by not having her own practice. However, she discovered that meaningful patient relationships and positive impacts on patients’ lives still existed in her hospitalist role, just in a different form.

The transition to becoming OB hospitalists has allowed Dr. Joanne Williamson and Dr. Neely Dean to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance, extend their careers, and take on leadership roles without compromising their family time. Their experiences highlight the importance of aligning professional roles with personal values and needs, demonstrating that it’s possible to have a rewarding career in medicine while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

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