OBHG recruiters boast red-carpet service: Insights with top OB/GYN clinical recruiter

For Senior Clinical Recruiter Randy Ferjuste, recruiting at Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) is more than just surface level. For her, it’s about building a personal relationship with each clinician. Whether a clinician is looking to dip their toe into the role of an OB hospitalist or ready to deep dive into a full commitment with OBHG, Randy meets them where they are.

It’s not one size fits all

Randy says that one of the most important things to remember as a recruiter is to realize what motivates each clinician is different. For some clinicians, it might be a better work-life balance or the challenge of having to pay the admin costs of private practice. For others, it could be proximity to the beach, mountains, or family members.

“Learning what’s a priority for the clinician drives a lot of how I maneuver the rest of the conversation. I want to know what is important to each individual because I try my hardest to find the best fit for them,” she says.

One of Randy’s prospective recruits mentioned briefly that his daughter loved to ride horses competitively. For some, this might be a passing comment, but it stuck with Randy. She immediately did research on hospitals within a 45-minute drive of a prestigious horse racing facility.

Have small kids? Randy knows all the hospitals within driving distance of Disney World. A huge sports fanatic? Whether you cheer for FSU, UF, or Miami she knows exactly which hospital would be closest to the stadiums. Tailoring her messages so that she is having the most authentic conversation leads Randy to have one of the highest hiring percentages in the company.

“No one likes to be spoken to as if I’m trying to sell them a car. I want to create a relationship that allows them to trust me when I tell them I will find the right job for them. It is not a one size fits all process.”

Making it work

Thinking outside of the box is also one of the ways Randy excels at her job. When presented with a situation that might seem impossible, Randy doesn’t quit—in fact, it motivates her more. About three months after she had started with OBHG, she was speaking with a doctor who had moved to Naples, Florida and purchased a house with the hope of working at a hospital in Naples. Unfortunately, at that time, the hospital in Naples was fully staffed but Randy had vacancies at other hospitals in the region. Noting that this doctor was hesitant to take a job outside of the town where he had just relocated, Randy promised that if he accepted a job at another hospital, she would let him know as soon as an opportunity arose in Naples and transfer him there. True to her word, as soon as a job opened in Naples, Randy made the call.

“This specific doctor was shocked that I followed up so many months later. I told him that he had been on my mind since day one and I had constantly been working behind the scenes to get him back to Naples, since that was his end goal,” she said.

Providing personalized service to find a job that fits the needs of the doctor, instead of trying to make the doctor fit the job is how Randy solves those seemingly impossible situations.

Transparency is key

For many clinicians new to OBHG, it’s hard to wrap their minds around a 5-7 shift full-time schedule. One way Randy helps navigate this is by outlining the schedule and flexibility to add more shifts and all the benefits of being a full-time hospitalist at OBHG.

“I let them know from a scheduling standpoint, you’re not left in the dark. Each clinician has a designated personal scheduler, and that person is there for them around the clock,” she says.

She never wants a clinician to feel pressured into a role, so for her it’s about being as clear as possible on every aspect from work-life balance to OBHG’s many benefits like paid med-mal insurance with tail. If a role doesn’t feel right for the clinician, there’s no pressure. Randy explores all options like the Diplomat role, part-time and back-up opportunities.

At OBHG, we’re big on creating teams that thrive together and have each other’s backs. Whether something last-minute comes up with your child, you have a school breakfast to attend or a family emergency, your team has your back and you’re not alone.

The relationship doesn’t stop when you sign

From the beginning, Randy makes sure she’s as reachable as possible. She finds that often times the best way to be available to her docs is by phone.

“I communicate with clinicians via text and phone so that they feel comfortable – they don’t have to worry about waiting until the next scheduled call to ask me a quick question. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it,” said Randy.

Folks come to Randy even after they’ve signed because of the strong relationship they now have. Many times, the questions or messages aren’t related to recruiting, but the clinician trusts Randy to reach the right person with the right answer.

Randy describes her recruiting process as red-carpet service. This is the standard for all OBHG’s recruiters. No matter where you’re looking to land with OBHG, you’ll be well taken care of.

“It’s about understanding what’s important on a personal level. I’ve learned to understand and navigate the individual needs of my clinicians, because it’s not always money, and it’s not always volume.”

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