Case study: Community Obstetricians & Nurse Support | OBHG

Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL, had a reactionary labor and delivery model. When an OB patient arrived, a nurse performed an assessment and called one of the eight community OBs, who were stressed from being pulled in multiple directions, and challenged by frequently needing to be in the hospital.

The hospital partnered with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) in February 2020, launching a 24/7 obstetrics emergency department (OBED). During the first two weeks of the program, OBHG clinicians performed two life-saving procedures.

“These two life saves speak very highly to the collaborative effort between OBHG and our community providers,” said Jamie Kane, maternal-child services nurse manager at Blessing Hospital.

The OB hospitalist partnership has benefited community OBs, who appreciate fewer distractions from triage calls during office hours and having care in place for unassigned patients.

Blessing’s team of nurses feel more supported, which has increased job satisfaction and decreased turnover.

Read the full case study here to learn more about how Blessing Hospital’s labor and delivery model has improved since partnering with OBHG.

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