Maternal mortality with OBHG Medical Director of Operations

Last year, a woman I was caring for in labor & delivery almost died.

She was suffering from an embolism characterized by sudden cardiorespiratory collapse and acute hemorrhage. In the simplest terms, she nearly died from an allergic reaction to amniotic micro-substances in her bloodstream that can cause severe bleeding and an inability to provide oxygen to the organs in her body.

Luckily, a collaborative team of health care workers immediately jumped in to save her life. Our team worked for hours to deliver her baby, stop the bleeding and stabilize her. To our great joy, she and her newborn survived.

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OBHG Medical Director of Operations Dr. Rakhi Dimino discussed the current maternal mortality rate in Texas, along with the three steps state lawmakers, hospitals and physicians must take to address the issue in this op-ed published by the Houston Chronicle on May 4, 2018.

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