5 reasons you’ll love a career as an OB hospitalist

You entered the obstetrics field because you wanted to make a difference in women’s healthcare and delight in bringing new life to the world. Somewhere along the way, you started missing out on gatherings with friends and family and found it challenging to focus on your own interests, wellness and career goals.

With all the experience and talent that you bring to women’s health care as an OB/GYN clinician, perhaps it’s time to prioritize work-life balance while still being able to serve women who need your care. Choosing a career as an OB hospitalist may be the answer.

“I feel like I’m young in my career, I have lots of years left, and I want to extend my career. OBHG’s resources help you extend your career by keeping you up to date, keeping your litigation down, and keeping you engaged with other clinicians in the field. And that’s what OBHG does better than anyone.”

Dr. Shavonne Ramsey-Coleman

Board Certified OB/GYN

Market Medical Director and OB hospitalist for Ob Hospitalist Group

OB hospitalists play an important role in assuring patients receive excellent, unconditional care when they’re admitted to a hospital for childbirth or an obstetric emergency. The work is gratifying and important. But there are also some practical reasons to make the switch from private practice to a career as an OB hospitalist.

1. Patient focus

Burnout is an issue for many healthcare professionals. The pressures of running a private practice and being on call during evenings and weekends has led OB/GYNs to experience one of the highest burnout rates of any medical specialty. At OBHG, our OB hospitalists enjoy the freedom of focusing on patient care, without the time-consuming issues of keeping up with office management, administrative headaches, and staffing challenges of private practice.

2. True work-life balance

As an OB hospitalist, you are no longer on call, driving all hours of the day or night. You design your schedule to fit your lifestyle and family needs. OBHG  hospitalists can choose to work full-time, part-time, in a leadership role or as an OBHG Diplomat travel OB/GYN. When you’re off duty, your focus is on your family and interests. Healthcare professionals know better than anyone that life is short. It’s important to include happiness in your career goals. Typically, our OB hospitalists work 7-9 shifts per 28-day block. How would you fill your calendar?

3. Consistent pay and benefits

OBHG hospitalists enjoy competitive compensation, full medical benefits including dental and vision, CME allowance and 401k employer match, along with malpractice insurance with tail. Not only are OBHG hospitalists valued members of the hospital community, but they are also part of a supportive, team-based network of OBHG clinicians across the country. OB hospitalists with OBHG are also eligible for student loan reimbursement.

4. Flexibility of location

OBHG offers a variety of awesome OB/GYN opportunities across the country. Our footprint is growing and whether you prefer small-town living or you crave the city lights, there’s something for everyone.

Those who enjoy the excitement and challenges of new environments can benefit through special travel opportunities like the OBHG Diplomat Program. In addition to excellent compensation, Diplomats enjoy full medical benefits, CME allowance and 401k match, paid liability insurance, comprehensive leadership training, access to a supportive internal network of nearly 1,500 OB/GYN colleagues, a wide array of unique physician resources, and satisfying work-life balance. The work is guaranteed, and Diplomat travelers have several months to prepare for each transition.

If you desire or need to transition to another location, OBHG clinicians have the flexibility to transfer to a hospital partner in many cities across the nation.

5. The positive effect on women’s healthcare

At OBHG, we believe that every expectant mother presenting to labor and delivery at a hospital should be met with reliable, quality medical care from experienced physicians. That’s where our team of nearly 1,500 (and growing) OB hospitalists come in. OB hospitalists are the hospital’s safety net, providing reliable, compassionate 24/7 care when needed most. They are highly skilled clinicians who serve a key role as an extension of the patient’s regular doctor’s care.

Join us today.

As the nation’s largest and only dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider, Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) is a recognized leader in elevating the quality and safety of women’s healthcare.  Our singular focus on OB hospitalist programs gives us unparalleled insight to deliver differentiated performance and results.

Interested in other clinical roles with OBHG? Read about OBHG’s Maternal Health Access Solutions and our commitment to delivering quality, equitable access to women’s healthcare in rural communities. If you are a clinician driven to serve women in underserved communities and you’d like to learn more about our MHAS career roles, click here to learn more and get in touch.

Take the time to explore the benefits of becoming an OB hospitalist when you join OBHG. You may find our OB/GYN and Women’s Healthcare careers are the perfect option for you and your goals.

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