5 Reasons To Be an OB Hospitalist | OBHG

It's a brand new year, and the ideal time to reflect and determine any changes you'd like to make in the months to come.

If you've been curious about the hospitalist lifestyle, read on! Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to join OBHG and reinvent your career:

1) You can leave burnout behind

Is it time to get a life? If you’re currently in private practice, a switch to hospitalist medicine means leaving weighty administrative burdens behind, along with worries about liability and the financial stress that comes with running a business.

OB/GYNs who maintain crazy work hours and feel that they are being pulled in a million directions at once often suffer from burnout. If your batteries are running low, a career change can help restore balance in your life.

Aside from exhaustion or burnout, one of the most common reasons doctors consider a move to hospitalist work is the chance for more time with family. If your spouse, children or friends have practically forgotten what you look like, it may be time to consider a change!

2) There are lots of opportunities to develop your leadership chops

Becoming a hospitalist does not mean giving up autonomy or influence. Many OBHG positions offer opportunities for advancement within the company, and our physicians often serve on committees at their hospitals, join community non-profit boards, or take on new roles for professional associations like SOGH or ACOOG.

Or maybe your idea of leadership involves sharing your knowledge and molding young minds?

Some of our physicians are able to introduce rotating medical students to the OB/GYN field, work closely with residents learning the ropes, or apply for faculty appointments at affiliate medical schools. If you’re interested in participating in education, let your recruiter know so the two of you can determine which program would be the best fit.

3) Your role makes care safer for pregnant women

Our founder, Dr. Chris Swain, created the original comprehensive OB/GYN hospitalist model to ensure that every pregnant woman who presented to the hospital would be seen by an experienced obstetrician.

Our hospitalists are on hand 24-7 to triage patients, support nurses and residents, and handle any obstetrical emergency that comes through the door.

While our clinicians are often able to rediscover joy in their personal lives, they are also able to lighten the load for local private practice physicians, who decide on a case-by-case basis how they wish to utilize hospitalist services.

4) You’ll enjoy a large and diverse network of support

OBHG offers an array of physician resources – for continuing education, clinical and social discussions, and peer-to-peer networking.

Our custom community site, Ob Exchange, is accessible only to our clinicians. Blog posts about what fellow hospitalists are up to, new perks, an active forum, handy administrative information and more – all included in one convenient online space.

700 exceptionally skilled OB/GYNs have already chosen OBHG as their employer, and we are adding new programs and positions all the time! You can get to know some our hospitalists by perusing the personal stories they've shared.

5) You’ll have more time to explore your non-work passions

It’s been said that medicine is an art and a science, which explains why many physicians have a wonderfully creative side. OBHG also tends to appeal to service-minded docs who feel most fulfilled when they are giving back.

Whether you’re thinking of finally writing the book you've been ruminating on for years, volunteering at a clinic in Peru, or spending real quality time with the people you love most – as a hospitalist your schedule will allow you the additional 'me' time you need.

Our clinical recruiters are always interested in talking with experienced OB/GYNs and certified nurse-midwives about what the OBHG team has to offer. We encourage you to contact your recruiter today!

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