New Partnership with MemorialCare Orange Coast Med Center

Ob Hospitalist Group is pleased to announce our second new partnership of 2018, MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, CA. Orange Coast’s OB hospitalist program launched on March 7, and it features full-time triage.

“We are affectionately calling this program the team of team leads,” said Director of Hospital Operations Kristina Mangia. “We have an amazing team of OBHG leaders assembled to staff Orange Coast with three of the team members being former or current team leads. Two great providers new to OBHG are a part of the Orange Coast team as well. The hospital has been a dream to work with, and we are excited to see this program grow into an OBED.”

The hospitalist team at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center includes in the front row from left to right: Steve Schaerrer; RVPO, Dr. Stephen Walker, Dr. Carol Levi, Dr. Michelle Uaje, Dr. Shawanda Obey, Dr. Donald Toatley; MSO, Dr. Jesus Baldonado and Kristina Mangia; DHO. In the back row from left to right Dr. James Barber and Dr. Mark Harrison.  Dr. James Barber will serve as team lead for the program.

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