Welcome to Ob Hospitalist Group’s (OBHG) billing resources center

OBHG partner Change Healthcare is experiencing a network interruption related to a cyber security issue. We do not believe OBHG systems or data are in danger of being compromised. We are awaiting information from Change Healthcare on when the network issues will be resolved.

Please note that you are not able to pay online or reach the patient services toll free number at this time. If you have specific questions related to this matter, please complete our patient feedback form and indicate your feedback is related to billing. We can accept payments directly – please call 1-800-670-0892.

We partner with Change Healthcare, a national health care management company, to assist with billing and customer service. Through this partnership, OBHG has created a direct link to the Change Healthcare secure service portal, www.peryourhealth.com. Through this portal you may pay your bills online, check the status of your payment and update personal health insurance information for prompt payment by your provider.

Contact OBHG Patient Services

Toll Free: 888-442-8454
Service Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM – 5PM EST

Frequent billing questions

I did not go to the Emergency Room (ER), why am I being billed for an Emergency Department visit?
OBHG provides physician services for the hospital’s OB triage and emergency room. The OB emergency room may not be located in the hospital’s main emergency room. It may be located in a separate location, such as an OB suite within the hospital.

Why am I receiving a separate bill from OBHG?
In some hospital facilities, OBHG may bill for our physicians’ professional services. You should receive two bills: one from OBHG for professional services and a second bill from the hospital for facility or technical services, such as a clinic charge, labs and scans.

What payment options do I have?
Payments can be made online through the Change Healthcare Website, by clicking pay online now, or over the phone through our patient services line (1-888-442-8454) with Discover, Visa, and/or MasterCard, or by mailing a check, money order, or credit card information to the mailing address on your billing statement.

Can I set up a payment plan?
Yes, if arrangements are made within 60 days of receiving your billing statement. You may call our service center toll-free number at 1-888-442-8454, to make payment plan arrangements.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, for uninsured patients we offer a 25% self-pay discount and an additional 10% discount if the patient pays their total balance while speaking with a customer service representative. However, if an patient receives a discount off their hospital bill for the date(s) of service through the hospital’s financial services assistance program, we  will match the hospital’s discount. You will need to provide documentation displaying the hospital’s rate, such as a letter from the hospital.

Why wasn’t my insurance billed?
OBHG does not have direct access to the hospitals’ patient records and therefore may not have received your insurance information for the charges. If your bill has not been filed with your insurance company, please call our customer service line with your current insurance information so we can send your bill to the correct insurance company.

Do you bill 3rd party liabilities? For example, Workers Compensation, Auto Insurance, etc.?
Currently we only directly bill medical insurances. If your third party carrier (attorney, case manager, etc.) needs any information from your claims with us, we can provide copies of billing statements to you so that you can provide them to your third party carrier.

Can you send me my medical records?
To obtain your medical records, you will need to contact the hospital you were seen in order to have the records released.