The need for balance

As an OB/GYN, you have the rare opportunity to usher new life into the world. But what about your life? Your family? Your need for balance? Ob Hospitalist Group provides a variety of options for OB/GYNs who are seeking a stable career path, greater flexibility, more time with family, full benefits and freedom from business concerns.

As an OBHG Hospitalist, you can help improve outcomes and reduce maternal mortality. Our programs ensure that every pregnant woman who presents to the hospital is seen by a highly-skilled physician.

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A day in the life

Our hospitalists will tell you that each day is as varied and unique
as the patients they see. Any given shift may include:
  • Caring for all pregnant women who present emergently, regardless of circumstance
  • Cultivating relationships with staff nurses and hospital personnel
  • Supporting private practice physicians by providing coverage and assistance
  • Caring for unassigned patients
  • Evaluating and treating triage patients
  • Providing consultation to the ED
  • Monitoring labor
  • Delivering babies
  • Performing surgery and surgical assists
  • Evaluating and treating postpartum patients
  • Assisting with OB residents and medical student education
  • Providing nurse support and education
  • Participating in emergency drills and simulations
  • Developing best practices
  • Participating in clinical trials
  • Facilitating daily interdisciplinary board rounds to improve patient safety
We are constantly adding new OB/GYN job listings across the United States.

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