Full time at OBHG means time for hobbies

“Give your best while you’re working yet give yourself permission to disengage. It’s all about the balance.”

Dr. Michael Meyer, OBHG Hospitalist
Career shift suits Texas OB/GYN

“I can’t imagine a better fit for where I am in my life right now. OBHG brought me a career opportunity that I didn’t even think existed. Now I’ve got greater control of my time outside of work. I can attend my son’s flag football games or schedule a two-week vacation to the Rocky Mountains.”

Dr. Erin Mankus, OBHG hospitalist
Flourishing after a late career transition

“Had I known about the OB hospitalist role, I would have pursued working as a hospitalist straight out of medical school. The experience is exciting and for young parents or those planning to start a family, the work shifts offer better life balance.”

Dr. Donna Sweetland, OBHG hospitalist
A shift to the Sunshine State

“I spent three to four months of the year not doing a whole lot of activities. Not being able to enjoy the outdoors, and not being able to just enjoy my family. Moving to Florida took away those dreary days. My seasonal affective disorder is completely gone. I wear flip-flops every day. I love it.”

Dr. Shavonne Ramsey-Coleman, Market Medical Director and OBHG Hospitalist
Chart a New Course

Honestly, work/life balance is the main reason I chose to become a hospitalist. At the end of this summer, I was able to take a two-week vacation with my family to backpack across Switzerland, and I have never been able to take a vacation that long before.

Dr. Kristen Innes, OBHG Diplomat Program Physician
It's a Wonderful Fit

It’s nice not having to worry about all the office things that I used to have to worry about, to have a defined set of responsibilities. I get to work and do my job, and then I get to come home. ... It’s a wonderful fit for me.

Dr. Peter Earl, OBHG Hospitalist
He Knows Daddy, and Daddy Knows Him

I was 45. Fatherhood was something I always wanted but wasn’t sure would ever happen. The fact that I am able to — even at this ‘advanced’ age — means the world.

Dr. Keehn Hosier, Team Lead Physician
On a Medical Mission

Doing this work makes me feel much more enriched and inspired when I return home, It is a chance to reinvigorate myself and remind myself of my valuable purpose as a physician.

Dr. Lisbeth Jordan, OBHG OB/GYN Hospitalist
He Pedaled With Mettle And Raised Almost $4,000 for Charity

I am happy that I have the kind of job where I can work hard and also have time to ride my bike.

Dr. John McHugh, OBHG Hospitalist
Going the Distance

I don’t see myself going back to another practice model. Life’s too short.

Dr. James Murray, OBHG Hospitalist
Texas-Based Hospitalist Mindful of Her Blessings

I think there are a lot of physicians who have an artistic side.

Dr. Nahille Natour, OBHG Hospitalist
When it comes to her specialty, Dr. Lydia Sims has pretty much done it all

OBHG is a very physician-oriented group. They make us feel valued.

Dr. Lydia Sims, OBHG OB/GYN Hospitalist
Taking the Leap on a Lifelong Dream

There is nothing like dancing, I have tried over the years walking and running. I have not found anything that I enjoy as much as Irish dancing. You get such a good workout.

Dr. Dympna Weil, OBHG Team Lead Physician