Grateful for our hospital partnerships this Thanksgiving season

Ob Hospitalist Group is grateful for our hospital partners. Together we provide safer maternal care outcomes, support the medical workforce and build stronger communities.

Here is a collection of quotes from a few of our valued hospital partners.

“OBHG has been wonderful to partner with us, not only as a hospital but as a healthcare community. One of the advantages of partnering with OBHG is that they provide national benchmarks for us. They track lots of quality indicators that we look at to compare our programs against other programs in the nation.”

Deena Kail, Executive Director, Women & Children’s Center

“I’m glad to know that we have that extra layer of care here in the hospital, not just taking care of their own patients, but also just there to stand in and help with anyone who needs help. That’s what we, as physicians took an oath to do. And I just really feel like OBHG is really the embodiment of that.”

Dr. Loren Robinson, Chief Medical Officer

“I love having the physicians here because it’s an immediate resource. Instead of having to wait minutes or longer, having access to somebody who can immediately help us deliver a baby that’s in trouble, whether it be by emergency cesarean or a patient who comes in who is imminently delivering really makes a difference in the level of care that we can give.”

Kathryn Martin, RN, Labor and Delivery Nurse

“Our OBHG hospitalists are part of the team. They attend our perinatal committee, they give input…it isn’t as if they are a standalone team and they do their thing we do our thing, it’s all together.”

Annette Stier, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services

“OBHG helped to bring in an outside, positive influence as a back-up and guardrails for evidence-based standards of care. To have an OB on site, present 24/7 who could step in if there was a maternal complication was very important to us.”

Dr. Timothy Harris, Chief Medical Officer

“We started with part-time call coverage on Monday – Friday evenings and then it expanded to entire weekends. It helped us mitigate some of that physician burnout and let our physicians have some family time. We have met our goal this year. We are having more babies delivered here. The physicians have job satisfaction and reduced burnout. It is a good partnership.

OBHG’s program helped our OB’s feel comfortable, helped our labor & delivery staff feel more comfortable and ultimately, it increased their volume. We knew if we did everything that we could to attract not only families, but also physicians, the program would grow. And it has.”

Cecilia Pyzow, Director of Business Development

Jamie Kane, Maternal-child Services Manager said the following about the hospital’s decision to partner with OBHG: “We were totally hitting a wall when it came to doing it ourselves. There are too many logistics to work on when you have competing medical groups providing care in the hospital that we just couldn’t come to a consensus, so working with OBHG just made sense.”

“The nurses like having that cushion – they feel more secure with the fact that there’s a physician in house in case they have a labor patient that’s going quickly, or maybe they’re sleeping or taking a little bit longer. They have somebody here to help them if they need it. They’re very happy to have them here. Our physicians are happy because they can utilize them (OBHG clinicians) in the morning for their C-sections for the early ones. It’s nice of them to stay over sometimes to help the doctors in our community for C-sections as well. I know some of our physicians who don’t have a second colleague working in their office, they utilize the hospitalists a lot for the C-sections as well at night.”

Nurse Manager, Perinatal Services

“When two of our three OB/GYN community providers left abruptly we were hanging on by a thread. OBHG has enabled us to maintain our program, they are a reliable partner. I have no hesitation recommending OBHG.”

Traci Thibodeaux, CEO

“The OBHG doctors have been a huge support to Oaklawn Hospital’s primary care physicians.  Not only are they readily available 24-7, but they also offer a “safety net” to the providers.  They are available to assist with deliveries or any problems that arise.  There is good communication between OBHG and the patient’s providers.

Our nurses have a ‘peace of mind,’ especially on the night shift.  For example, the OBHG doctors are available to look at fetal monitor strips in the middle of the night and run questions by them vs. having to call the patient’s provider at 2:00 am. We are thankful to be part of this partnership!”

Tracee Hathaway, RNC, BSN, Director

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