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According to a new article in Forbes, the OB hospitalist concept is a “better approach to keeping mothers safe.” The article examines the current OB/GYN model agreeing with the importance of the physician-patient bond during a woman’s pregnancy. However, the author points out that a patient’s physician is likely to not be at the hospital if an emergency arises and that’s when doctor-patient familiarity becomes far less important. The author says that OB hospitalists are the solution to ensure there are fewer maternal deaths. 

“From the very second of the mother’s arrival, these ‘obstetrical (or OB-GYN) hospitalists’’ are present and able to monitor mothers for bleeding, assess blood pressure before and after delivery, and intervene immediately should an unexpected problem arise.”

Factors contributing to California’s success with lower overall maternal deaths are also discussed in the Forbes article, including a high adoption of OB hospitalist programs. In fact, Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) has established more than 20 successful programs in California and has seen remarkable results with C-section reduction rates in the state (OBHG’s national C-section rate of 18.6 percent is well below the national average of 32.7 percent). 

Not only has OBHG established many successful programs in California, but also in 32 other states, including high concentrations of programs in Texas, Florida and Virginia. With the rapidly expanding demand for OB hospitalist medicine, OBHG continues to grow, with current and onboarding hospital partners numbering close to 180.

OBHG agrees with the Forbes author on the importance of buy-in and support from community physicians (“in-office OB/GYNs”), particularly the need to minimize the financial impact these programs may have on their practices. This is why OBHG has established a billing arrangement that preserves the community physicians’ professional fee billing arrangement with payers.

Over the past 13 years, OBHG has continued to optimize the OB hospitalist solution – blending site-specific customization with national best practices to continuously elevate the standard of care for pregnant women and their babies. Through OBHG’s depth and breadth of experience as the nation’s largest and only dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider, we agree with the following closing line of the Forbes article:

“But if our nation is truly committed to becoming a world leader in preventing maternal deaths, we will need to change the underlying model to ensure an obstetrician is continually available.”

Click here to read the full article and let us know if you would like to learn more about an OB hospitalist partnership.

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