SAFE is a comprehensive risk management and quality program implemented between Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) clinicians and hospital partners to mitigate obstetric risk and improve quality outcomes.

The program takes an enterprise approach to traditional risk management and utilizes OBHG services to understand and analyze risk data and trends, key quality indicators, and leading compliance risks. Hospital partners are provided with a holistic view of OB/GYN risk drivers and key opportunities for quality and patient outcome improvements.

All OBHG hospital partners have access to the SAFE program in conjunction with 24/7 on-site physician coverage. OBHG clinicians receive SAFE education and work closely with the OBHG Risk Management, Quality, and Compliance Department to implement SAFE elements that are customized to each individual hospital.

OBHG's SAFE program leads the nation in risk, quality and compliance services by:

Maintaining the largest quality and risk data set on OB hospitalists nationally
Benchmarking and maintaining analytics on quality data and improvement
Providing in-depth educational resources for OBHG clinicians and hospital partners via GNOSIS™

Offering customized quality metric risk-share programs
Conducting risk assessments and Team STEPPS® training
Providing a comprehensive regulatory program that includes clinician audits and education

OBHG Claim Reduction Trends

Unparalleled Suite of Services

Incorporating the SAFE program across OBHG’s clinician base and hospital partner network has resulted in reduced risk and improved outcomes for both hospitals and clinicians. In fact, an increasing number of hospitals decide to partner with OBHG so that they can benefit from the expansive suite of services through OBHG's SAFE program.

OBHG’s complete suite of integrated risk management, quality and compliance services are unparalleled in the industry. Components of OBHG’s SAFE program include:

  • Utilization of OBHG’s SAFE hotline to streamline the identification and assessment of clinical system risks or adverse events in conjunction with hospital processes
  • Proactive approach to data trends and benchmarking nationally to offer risk mitigation solutions and support services
  • Holistic and transparent SAFE hospital reviews offering risk and quality trends
  • Multiple committee structures including OBHG’s patient safety organization (PSO) aimed at identifying areas of quality improvement for improved patient outcomes
  • Dedicated support to patients and hospitals via patient advocacy committee
  • Clinical advisory committee focused on clinical best practice to drive patient and hospital satisfaction and achieve high clinical quality
  • Focused and required clinician training via leading GNOSIS™ for OB education platform
  • Hospital and clinician educational resources offered through OBHG Training
  • TeamSTEPPS® trainer available for on-site training and support
  • Customized approach to hospital specific quality goals and related implementation of quality risk-share agreements focused on key quality indicators
  • Benchmarking of quality data for monthly and quarterly quality dashboards of OBHG performance
  • Availability for in-person risk assessments to identify additional quality improvement opportunities
  • Educational program focused on compliance risks associated with HIPPA, EMTALA and coding
  • Annual auditing and monitoring program, with in-depth educational feedback sessions, for all OBHG clinicians
  • Availability for facility and professional fee audits for hospital partners

Ob Hospitalist Group utilizes the OBHG SAFE compliance hotline to identify areas of potential risk and opportunities
to improve patient safety best practice improvement. We encourage physicians and hospitals to call the hotline to
discuss difficult patient encounters or any other risk management issue.

OBHG SAFE Hotline: 855.836.7233