To save new mothers, we need to rethink care delivery

OBHG’s Senior Director of Medical Operations Dr. Charlie Jaynes recently wrote an article for Health Affairs, titled “To save new mothers, we need to rethink care delivery.”

Various solutions to address the high maternal mortality rate in the United States are recommended by Dr. Jaynes, including the implementation of level of maternal care designations, maternal safety bundles and unconscious bias training.

Dr. Jaynes also suggests that innovative solutions are the answer to today’s maternal care issues:

“Instead of putting resources toward a small volume of specialty OB services, small rural providers focus on low-risk deliveries, while care for high-risk patients and emergencies is delivered at hospitals with specialized staff and capabilities. Data collection on maternal outcomes and quality improvement efforts are timely, coordinated, and shared across regions. Resources are allocated to ensure that all patients have unbiased, evidence-based care, when and where they need it. The health system experiences a reduction in maternal mortality and morbidity that is the envy of the developed world. That goal can become a reality in states that seek and advance innovative solutions.”

Click here to read the full text of the article. 


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