Clinician leadership and development: Thriving throughout an OB hospitalist career

OB hospitalist medicine is an immensely satisfying career path for OB/GYN clinicians. Whether you are experienced or early in your career, OB hospitalist medicine may be the perfect fit if you are driven to create positive change in women’s health care.

At Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), we provide extensive tools and resources to help our clinicians throughout their careers. We also ensure there are career path opportunities our clinicians can follow. Some of our clinicians have become a Market Medical Director, Medical Director of Operations, Site Director or taken on other leadership roles within OBHG.

In the hospital, our clinicians serve as labor and delivery leaders. They are integrated into the medical staff, serve on committees, attend department meetings and serve as department heads in many hospitals.

Clinician leadership and development at OBHG

There are multiple opportunities for OBHG clinicians to serve as leaders within OBHG, at the hospital level and even outside the hospital at a regional or national level.

Are you interested in learning more about clinician leadership and development at OBHG? Click here to explore how we support our clinicians’ career growth and development. You can also read about Dr. Norman Connell’s decision to become an OB hospitalist here.

Watch below: Dr. Neely Dean talks about leadership opportunities at OBHG.


“I am thankful for OBHG’s support and having a flexible schedule that allows me to combine my passion for providing obstetrical clinical care with the ability to have an impact on a larger scale in my role as a medical director.”

— Dr. Alexander Gumiroff, OBHG Site Director OB/GYN department chair at Healthpark Medical CenterSystem Medical Director of Obstetrical Services for Lee Health System

Feel free to explore the clinicians’ section of our website to explore career paths at OBHG or email us at [email protected].

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