OBHG’s You Delivered! recipients

Congratulations to the latest winners of OBHG’s You Delivered! Peer recognition awards.

Dr. Michael Karagas – CHRISTUS Spohn Corpus Christi South 

Dr. Karagas was nominated for his compassionate care of a patient in a sensitive situation. During an OBED encounter, a patient asked some very pointed questions about a delicate situation. After exploring the issue, Dr. Karagas responded with sincerity and empathy while supporting the patient. Dr. Karagas was recognized for the care that he provided to this patient on the most sensitive of topics.

Kristi Tuscan – Privileging Specialist 

Kristi Tuscan, privileging specialist in Greenville, S.C., was nominated after an unsolicited email was received from the medical staff office at one of OBHG’s hospital partners. The email complimented Kristi’s helpfulness in getting providers credentialed for the hospital’s new OBHG program. “She quietly goes under the radar and is highly efficient. I cannot say enough how much of a difference she has made in our region as we grow and add new program after new program,” said Kristi’s You Delivered! Nominator.

Congratulations to all of the OBHG clinicians and team members who were nominated for You Delivered! awards.

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