OBHG clinicians contribute to industry report on better maternal health care

A new report, COVID-19 and the Momentum for Better Maternal Health Care, outlines recommendations for health system leaders and policymakers about investments and innovations that have the biggest potential to make sustained impacts in maternal health.

The recommendations were developed from the combined insights of an interdisciplinary group of maternal health stakeholders that included a number of OBHG clinicians. Ariadne Labs convened 244 obstetricians, midwives, registered nurses, doulas, health administrators, investors, community leaders and people who recently gave birth in a series of virtual dialogues. Discussions centered around how health systems and communities have responded to challenges in maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as emerging innovations to meeting those challenges.

The report recommends a three-step approach to improving maternal care:

  1. Focus on investments that address challenges related to the continuum of care, family and support for birthing people and patient-provider relationships
  2. Identify the innovations that address these challenges and align best with both the needs of the community and assets of the organization
  3. Accelerate existing momentum for innovations by reinforcing the “demand” among birthing people or health system stakeholders and the “supply” of enabling factors.

To learn more and download the full report, click here.

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