Immediate care for you and your baby

In an effort to provide the absolute highest standard of care to patients, hospitals partner with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) to ensure that an experienced OB/GYN is immediately available to evaluate and treat women with pregnancy and post-delivery concerns.

OB hospitalists are clinicians whose primary role is to care for pregnant women while they’re in the hospital and their obstetrician isn’t available. OBHG’s highly skilled clinicians do not replace the care patients receive from their regular OB/GYN physician. Instead, they serve as an extension of the patient’s regular doctor and the high-quality care that doctor provides.  In addition to handling deliveries, OB hospitalists are there to assist with any issues and emergencies that may arise, whether or not patients have their own doctors in route.  This includes anything from elevated blood pressure to more serious issues that may require immediate surgery.

An extra layer of safety

No matter what time you or your unborn baby may need care, OBHG hospitalists add an extra layer of safety for emergency deliveries and complications before or after childbirth. If your regular OB/GYN is unavailable or delayed, the on-site OB hospitalist will review your medical record and birth plan with your physician to accommodate your delivery wishes, depending on your medical circumstances. The OB hospitalist caring for you will deliver a complete treatment report to your doctor, so you receive consistent and thorough care. OBHG hospitalists are also there to assist patients who do not have an obstetrician.

Advantages to Patients

  • An experienced OB hospitalist is onsite 24 hours a day to provide consistent, unconditional, quality medical care to women who are pregnant or have just given birth. 
  • Every expectant mother is evaluated and treated by a physician regardless of time, location, complication or circumstance.    
  • Consistent care is offered to patients in the hospital, as well as those arriving at the hospital labor and delivery unit or obstetric emergency department. OBHG hospitalists can evaluate the progress of labor, review test results and monitor fetal heart rate tracings. In addition, our clinicians will address any evolving issues and provide patients with a safe delivery. Patients experiencing any post-delivery issues also receive consistent, quality care from our OB hospitalists. 
  • When it comes to emergencies, OBHG hospitalists are highly skilled in providing emergent care, and they are always on site if an unexpected emergency occurs.
  • If your obstetrician is unavailable or delayed in reaching the hospital, there is always an experienced OB/GYN physician available to offer medical expertise and provide optimal patient care.
  • Our OB hospitalists are partners with your regular OB/GYN physician, so our OB hospitalists will review your medical record and birth plan with your physician to accommodate your delivery wishes, depending on your medical circumstances.
  • For patients without an obstetrician, OBHG clinicians are there to offer consistent, unconditional, quality care.
  • There are fewer perinatal safety events and less cesarean deliveries at hospitals with an OB hospitalist program.
  • OBHG is the industry’s largest, dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider, so our clinicians are trained in best practices specific to OB hospitalist medicine. 
  • OBHG hospitalists are part of the hospital care team and place a high value on maintaining communication with other professionals within the hospital including your physician, medical and surgical consultants, discharge planners, social workers, clergy and others.

Above all, our OB hospitalists want the best care for you and your baby. Whether your pregnancy is being managed by a personal physician or not, our team’s goal is to deliver the best possible care for you and your family while you are in the hospital setting.