Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy

A new, comprehensive guide to pregnancy has made its way onto bookshelves this month, Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy. OBHG hospitalist and medical director for business development Dr. Jane van Dis served as the medical editor for Leslie Schrock’s new book that is a “thoroughly modern guide to pregnancy – from preparations of ‘trimester zero’ to the challenges of newborn months.'” Schrock, a tech investor and new mom, helps readers in “navigating the wild, weird, and wonderful journey from conception through birth and beyond.”

In the book’s foreword, Dr. van Dis writes: “Pregnancy and childbirth can bring us indescribable joy – and sometimes extreme pain. The process of making new life is unavoidably messy and raw, but ideally, we emerge transformed, in the best sense. There’s no right way to have a child; it has always been a collaboration between patient, practitioner, family, and friends. I’ve been privileged to share in so many of those journeys, and I can say with great confidence that you’ve lucky to have Lesli Schrock along on yours.

“There are so many – too many, at times – resources for women and their partners to find online in relation to pregnancy and preparing for birth,” said Dr. van Dis. “Not all content is the same and more content doesn’t always equal better content. Having a trusted source, like Schrock’s book,  grounded in evidenced-based practice, guidelines and society/committee opinions is essential. This is my first time editing a pregnancy guide, and I enjoyed it way more than I anticipated. Most exciting for me was the opportunity to think critically about the integration of clinical with practical expertise in language that readers apprehend with ease, as well as a voice (Leslie’s) that, a few pages or chapters in, hopefully earns the reader’s trust.” 

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