Happy International Day of the Midwife!

Happy International Day of the Midwife! OBHG is proud of the inspiring and committed certified nurse-midwives on our clinical team. Our midwives play an essential part in patient care and supporting the health of women and babies.

Today we’re sharing some stories from some of our nurse-midwives on why they became a midwife and their work with OBHG.

“I became a midwife to support women and their families through conception to postpartum and throughout a woman’s life. I love working for OBHG because I’m well supported by our physicians, and we are a team! OBHG recognizes the importance of midwives (which doesn’t happen universally) and supports work/life balance!”

– Jualeah Early, OBHG CNM, Boynton Beach, FL

“My brother died when I was 3 years old. My parents couldn’t have any more children, so I was raised as an only child. I was desperate for a sibling and became connected to families that had a new baby. When I would ask how baby came to be, I would be given various responses, considered appropriate for a child in that decade. So, babies and their arrival into the world became fascinating to me. As I grew up in England, I met with many midwives who would visit new moms in their home. This inspired my interest further and made me want to be that person. A CNM in the United States is very different to what midwifery is around the world.

Working with OBHG helps bridge that gap, and enables midwives to retain their autonomy, continue to gain experience and expertise while working alongside OB/GYNs who practice well and implement evidence-based practices to meet the needs of the patients. The OBHG team members are always there for us to reach out to and seek direction/advice as needed. At Rancho Springs we have an amazing team who pull together and support each other to change practices by networking with community groups to help improve women’s access to care. We rock!”

– Maria King, OBHG CNM, Murietta, CA

“In 1987 I was pregnant with my second child and read “A Midwife’s Story” by Penny Armstrong. It was a lightbulb moment and that was all it took…and here I am! Midwifery is a calling.

When I went to my 30th class reunion, an old classmate approached me and said “When we were in elementary school you used to make all the girls sit in a circle and talk about our feelings. You taught us about our bodies and our periods!” I had to laugh! I replied, “Well now I get paid to do that!”

I found myself joining OBHG in 2022. I love this team! I love that people in this community have the option of requesting a midwife to manage their labor and delivery. I love that I can provide a patient-centered experience for someone who has no idea what a midwife is! I love seeing a new family excited about their birth experience even though I am a stranger! I love that when I am in the hospital, I have no other distractions and can be fully present! We have strong doctors and midwives, and we function as a cohesive team. I am happy I get to be the touchy-feely part of the team”!

– Cathy Quick, OBHG CNM, Richmond, VA

“I became a CNM because I enjoy bonding with my patients and helping them through one of the hardest and most exciting experiences of their lives. It is so rewarding to watch and be a part of bringing lives into the world every day.

Working for OBHG I feel like we can help people women who have been unable to find care or who are here for the first time meeting us and help them feel comfortable. I have learned a lot working for OBHG and feel supported to do my “midwife” stuff as they call it, while being in a hospital setting in case, I need the support of others. It’s been a great experience.”

 – Becky Scull, OBHG CNM, Murietta, CA

“Women’s health is my passion, a calling even. There is nothing that gives me more joy than welcoming a new baby into this world. Birth is such a magical event and being a small part of that is so fulfilling. I became a Midwife to assist the birthing persons in their journey as they nurture a new life in their womb and usher the new life into this world! Being with them as they navigate through that journey and guiding them through it respectfully while honoring their choices. I strongly believe every birthing person has the right to compassionate, equitable, respectful, accessible, and quality care, on their own terms, wherever that happens to be, which brings me to the next point.

OBHG affords me the opportunity to care for birthing people who desire to have midwifery model of care, but in a hospital setting. Working collaboratively with our OBHG physicians allows me to care for women that I would not normally see. This is great for those who would have otherwise risked out of out of non-hospital birth due to pregnancy complications. Working in collaboration with my OBHG physicians allows me to manage the labor as the physicians manage the complicating diagnoses. Additionally, working with OBHG also allows me time off with family.”

– Mary Gacci, OBHG CNM, Murietta, CA


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