OBHG publishes study: COVID-19 in pregnant women across the United States

OBHG has released a study about the first 200 COVID-19-positive pregnant patients who received care from OBHG clinicians in the hospital setting. The report, “COVID-19 in pregnant women across the United States,” provides a perspective on universal testing strategies, PPE allocation and management protocols on labor and delivery based on OBHG’s experience across 168 OB hospitalist programs nationwide. The study also supports previously documented evidence of high percentage of asymptomatic COVID-19-positive pregnant patients as well as regional disparities in prevalence.

OBHG researchers conducted the analysis to determine whether patients were presenting with obstetrical or COVID-19 complaints, the volume of asymptomatic positives in the labor and delivery patient population and the geographic distribution of COVID-19 patient encounters.

Click here to read the news release. Go here to learn more about the study and download the report.

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