Clinician Leadership & Development

Are you ready to build a meaningful career? OB hospitalist medicine offers highly rewarding work improving patient safety and maternal access to care, along with a variety of career paths and roles that fit your life.

At OBHG, not only do our clinicians play an important role in ensuring the success of our hospitalist programs, but they also build strong relationships within the hospital while ensuring outstanding clinical quality.

We support and empower our clinical teams through ongoing training as well as a wealth of tools and resources to support their career growth and development.

How does OBHG support its clinicians?

OBHG clinicians receive unparalleled support and training focused on obstetrics, compliance and collaboration. Additionally, OBHG clinicians can access the latest evidence-based information and research through OBHG’s best practices repository or crowdsource advice from OB hospitalists across the country through OBHG’s Ob Exchange platform.

OBHG’s clinicians are further supported through OBHG’s regional and national clinical network. Each program has a designated Site Director and is supported by a Medical Director of Operations, Market Medical Director and our Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Medical Officer.

Our OB hospitalists receive additional support from our operations, risk and other support teams. This foundation prepares our clinicians to take ownership of not only their own success but the success of the entire labor and delivery unit.

Leadership opportunities within OBHG

Interested in leadership opportunities at OBHG? We heavily invest in developing and supporting our clinical leaders and helping them enhance both their clinical and leadership skills. Through our OB hospitalist leadership and development programs, many OBHG hospitalists have moved up to Market Medical Director, Medical Director of Operations, Site Director, or other leadership roles within OBHG.

For interested clinicians, OBHG’s Leadership Development Program offers an immersive professional development experience designed to develop agile, relationship-focused leaders. We also offer special support and training for our site directors, even bringing them together in person once a year for OBHG’S National Clinical Leadership Meeting.


OBHG clinical committees

Many OBHG clinicians decide to join one of OBHG’s clinical committees to help elevate women’s healthcare or improve the clinician experience. Some of these include:

Clinical Advisory Committee

Clinician Assistance, Recovery & Encouragement Program (CARE)

Clinician Wellness & Engagement Committee

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Information Technology Committee

Maternal Mental Health Committee

Medical Missions

OBHG clinician benefits

As a clinician-centered company, OBHG provides an unparalleled benefits package and superior work/life balance, perfect for experienced OB/GYNs as well as those seeking obstetrician jobs directly out of residency.

OBHG leadership benefits

Hospital leadership opportunities

As an OB hospitalist, you are ideally positioned to be a leader on labor and delivery. Our OB clinicians are integrated into the medical staff, serve on committees, attend department meetings and, in many hospitals, serve as department heads. There are multiple ways to positively influence patient care quality and make critical impacts on maternal safety as an OB hospitalist. 

Whether you participate on an OB committee, champion a new procedure to reduce C-section rates or focus on an issue such as obstetric sepsis, you’ll receive support from OBHG’s regional and senior clinical leadership every step of the way. Some OBHG clinicians have even been asked to serve as hospital system medical directors. We’re also proud that so many of our OB clinicians receive recognitions from our hospital partners and affiliated teaching programs, such as physician of the month or year or teacher of the year.

Maternal health industry involvement

Driven by a desire to improve women’s health, many OBHG clinicians extend their leadership outside OBHG and the hospital. OBHG provides all full-time clinicians with membership benefits to the Society of OB/GYN Hospitalists (SOGH). Many OBHG clinicians volunteer on the SOGH board or committees.

OBHG hospitalists also frequently hold leadership positions within their American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) district or section. Others opt to serve on statewide maternal mortality review committees, survey level of maternal care designations, represent obstetrical care outcomes assessment programs and even serve on the board of national women’s health organizations. We are proud of our OB clinicians’ commitment for improving the quality and availability of obstetric care.

“I am thankful for OBHG’s support and having a flexible schedule that allows me to combine my passion for providing obstetrical clinical care with the ability to have an impact on a larger scale in my role as a medical director.”

— Dr. Alexander Gumiroff, OBHG Site Director OB/GYN department chair at Healthpark Medical CenterSystem Medical Director of Obstetrical Services for Lee Health System 

“Support, leadership and focus are the biggest differences between OBHG and other companies. At OBHG, you feel supported, and you know who to contact. There are lots of resources for clinicians like the SAFE hotline and the second victim program. All of the support and resources OBHG offers helps extend physicians’ careers by allowing them to keep up to date, keep their litigation down and really help them stay engaged with other clinicians in the field.”

— Dr. Shavonne Ramsey-Coleman, OBHG Market Medical Director

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