OBHG welcomes OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center in Danville, IL

Welcome OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center, in Danville, IL to the OBHG family with a Maternal Health Access Solutions (MHAS) Program. This model includes 15 days of clinic coverage as well as on-call hospital coverage.

OSF Sacred Heart closed their labor and delivery unit back in October 2022 due to lack of physician coverage and inability to recruit physicians into the community. The unit closure posed significant challenges to a community that does not have the means to travel to larger cities to receive the necessary care. OBHG will provide OSF Sacred Heart with a 15-day/month MHAS solution, in collaboration with Carle Health, to allow the hospital to reopen the unit.

OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center is hoping to recapture its previous 450 annual deliveries and expand to capture the full market potential up to 1,000 annual deliveries. This program will be our first partnership with OSF Health and our 11th partnership in Illinois.

This is the 26th OBHG program to start in 2023! OBHG looks forward to partnering OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center, and positively impacting the lives of their physicians, women, and babies in their community.

The team at OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center includes Dr. Shamim Patel, Dr. Kent Snowden
and Dr. Roland Williby.

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