OBHG shares financial risk for evidence-based quality performance

Most of us recognize quality when we see it. But having good data increases our confidence in the quality of care we provide.

That’s why Ob Hospitalist Group is committed to providing robust and comprehensive data reporting on all elements of performance by our partner programs, including quality. OBHG collects, audits, and analyzes our partner hospital data on a quarterly basis to monitor performance and identify areas of opportunity.

We regularly provide customized data reports to our partner hospitals so they can see, in straightforward terms, exactly how we’re performing for them. These reports may include utilization performance, quality metric trending, facility and professional fee performance, and more, depending on the needs of our partners. It’s a way to hold us accountable for the value we deliver our partner hospitals in terms of obstetric unit operations and OB/GYN hospitalist care.

Established in 2006, OBHG today operates more OB hospitalist programs than all of our competitors across the nation combined. Our standards are so high, we consistently have outperformed our promises on safety metrics. In fact, OBHG outperforms the national average on all National Quality Forum (NQF) metrics that we track.

But we don’t stop there.


Quality Goals

If we don’t achieve (or exceed) mutually agreed-upon quality goals, our partner hospitals will not pay for a percentage of their contract assigned to quality metric achievement. Guaranteed. No questions asked.

We understand the multi-faceted and complex nature of healthcare delivery in today’s environment. Our partners put their trust in us, and we feel it’s only fair to reciprocate by sharing some of the contract risk. In fact, most of our OBHG programs now include shared financial risk that is customized to the hospital’s goals and perinatal areas of quality improvement.

As healthcare in the United States moves toward risk-sharing, pay-for-performance, and other value-based payment models, OBHG recognizes the continued need to focus on quality metrics and outcomes to optimize the hospital’s revenue potential under the value-based system.

At OBHG, we are committed to quality improvement and transparent reporting on quality performance as a cornerstone of our programs. As such, we stand firmly behind our pledge to deliver on a hospital’s desired quality metrics.

No excuses. Just performance.

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