VIDEO: Delivering life-saving care – Dr. P. Chris Montemayor shares her emergency patient care story

In hospitals across the country, OBHG clinicians deliver life-saving care every single day. Their around-the-clock presence ensures that all obstetrical patients receive immediate, unbiased care.

Today’s story focuses on OBHG clinician Dr. Chris Montemayor and how she delivered life-saving care to a patient with a cord prolapse. Click on the video for the full account.


Routine procedures can quickly turn into a crisis. Dr. Chris Montemayor was on a busy shift at the hospital when a charge nurse ran up to her and brought her to the operating room. A private practice physician’s patient was having an induction and the baby’s heart rate dropped unexpectedly. The midwife was called to the bedside, examined the patient and discovered a prolapsed umbilical cord, when the umbilical cord delivers before the baby.

The nurses rushed the patient to the operating room. Dr. Montemayor rushed to the OR and quickly explained to the patient what the emergency was and what needed to be done – an emergency C-section.

Watch Dr. Montemayor’s story to learn more about the emergency delivery.

The private practice doctor was very grateful and very happy that we were there because she wasn’t even able to get to the delivery until after the baby was out. I think our presence is really important on our unit because we help ensure safe outcomes even in pregnancies where you don’t even anticipate any problems. Sometimes things can occur and us being on the unit present really helps avoid bad outcomes that were unexpected.”

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