OBHG’s clinical leadership leads to better outcomes in maternal safety

At OBHG, our clinicians play a vitally important role in ensuring the success of our programs, leading efforts to build strong relationships within the hospital and medical staff and ensuring outstanding clinical quality.

We take pride in developing and supporting the OBHG clinician leaders at each of our hospitals through training, data and our regional and national clinical support networks. This foundation prepares our clinicians to take ownership for the success of the entire labor and delivery unit. Every one of our clinicians is a leader, whether they hold a formal title or not. Our single focus in OB hospitalist medicine and deep investment in clinical leadership results in better outcomes for patients and our hospital partners.

Impacting patient care quality across labor and delivery

Not only do OBHG hospitalists provide great care and better outcomes for their own patients, but they also make a significant impact in the quality of care and outcomes for all patients across the unit. Labor and delivery is not a unit where one group sees all of the patients, therefore OBHG clinicians must develop strong leadership and influencing skills to impact care across all patients.

Our clinicians follow evidence-based medicine and receive frequent training on best practices and protocols in obstetrical care. They serve as positive examples by adhering to hospital protocols, actively participate in drills and simulations and advocating for new initiatives.

Through their 24/7 presence in the hospital, OBHG clinicians are available for immediate, on-site consults for nurses and provide real-time feedback and training when necessary. Our hospitalists build collaborative relationships with private-practice physicians and support their patient relationships, as evidenced by the 50,720 emergent interventions and 26,589 C-section assists we performed on behalf of community physicians in 2020.

Our teams are also available when an emergency medicine colleague requires assistance or for consultations with maternal-fetal medicine physicians or other specialists within the hospital. This leadership on the unit leads to better outcomes. Our ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is proven through our results:

30% | Reduction in serious harm events across the unit
75% | Fewer births resulting in malpractice payouts
10% | Reduction in C-section rates across the unit
100% | Compliance with nationally endorsed protocols
2.5% | Average episiotomy rate, which is half the nationally accepted goal

Leadership through committee involvement

We support our clinicians to be local leaders and integrate into the medical staff. They serve on committees, attend department meetings, and, in many hospitals, serve as department chair. Through participation on OB committees, peer review groups and other interdisciplinary committees within the hospital, OBHG clinicians positively influence patient care quality and make critical impacts on maternal safety. Committee involvement allows our clinicians to have a voice at the table to use insights and data from OBHG’s national network to drive clinical, operational and financial improvements.

Our clinicians also showcase their expertise by leading work groups and championing new policies and procedures to reduce C-section rates, improve maternal mortality rates and address specific issues such as obstetric sepsis. All of the clinical leaders at each of our hospitals receive support from our regional medical directors and ultimately our chief medical officer, to help guide them in developing solutions and identifying areas of opportunity.

OBHG’s leadership during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, our OB hospitalist teams nationwide immediately began working with our hospital partners to ensure the safety of OB patients on the labor and delivery units. They continued to leverage our national network to share best practices and identify national trends as the pandemic evolved.

Click here to watch our video to learn more about our clinical leaders are making a critical impact on maternal safety during the pandemic and every day.

To learn even more about how OBHG’s clinical leadership positively impacts our hospital partnerships, refer to OBHG’s Progress Notes on “Investing in leadership,” or contact a member of our business development team.

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