U.S. needs new approach to labor and delivery to protect pregnant mothers

The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world and it continues to increase.  OBHG Chief Medical Director Dr. Mark Simon and Medical Director of Operations, Dr. Rakhi Dimino recently co-authored an article that was published by The Hill about the need for a new approach to labor and delivery to protect pregnant mothers and babies. 

According to Drs. Simon and Dimino, there are many factors behind the maternal mortality tragedy, with too little emphasis on maternal/fetal safety and an obstetric model in which delays in care are inevitable being high on the list.

To lower the dismal maternal mortality rate, Drs. Simon and Dimino recommend the implementation of safety protocols developed through the Alliance Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) as well as the adoption of new care models such as OB hospitalist programs. There are other important changes that must be made to improve health outcomes for women and babies, but Drs. Simon and Dimino believe that improving the traditional labor and delivery and postpartum model must be a priority.

Click here to read the full article and let our team know if you would like to discuss how an Ob Hospitalist program can improve maternal/fetal safety at your hospital.

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