CNN: Maternal deaths in US hospitals are declining, study suggests, but birthing complications are rising

A new study suggests that the rate of pregnant women dying of delivery-related causes in the hospital appears to have declined significantly across the U.S. in recent years.
OBHG's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Simon, recently shared his insights on the study findings and the care delivered to pregnant patients in the hospital with CNN.
Click here for the article link and read Dr. Simon's quotes from the article below:
In general, the new study findings suggest that hospitals are “on the right track” when it comes...


CNN: What is eclampsia, the condition that may have contributed to Olympian Tori Bowie’s death?

American track and field champion Tori Bowie, who won gold, silver and bronze medals in the 2016 Olympic Games, died of pregnancy...


Contemporary OB/GYN: How obstetric hospitalists impact maternal disparities

"Maternal outcomes differ significantly based on patient race but can be improved by obstetric (OB) hospitalist-based care, according to recent data...


Modern Healthcare: Obstetrics faces declines in residency applicants, services

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USA Today: The rate of women dying in childbirth surged by 40%. These deaths are preventable.

Another OBHG clinician was in a major news outlet story about U.S. maternal deaths surging. OBHG Site Director Dr. Idalia-Rosado-Torres was quoted in USA...


CNN: US maternal death rate rose sharply in 2021, CDC data shows, and experts worry the problem is getting worse

Concerning news came out today about U.S. maternal deaths surging to the highest rate in nearly 60 years. OBHG Site Director Dr. Chasity Jennings-Nunez...


Texas Tribune: Why are pregnancy and childbirth killing so many Black women in Texas?

A new Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee and Department of State Health Services Report is out and OBHG's Dr. Rakhi Dimino provided insights...


Risk & Insurance: High Medical Malpractice Premiums Are Driving OB-GYNs Out of the Business. How Will Women Cope?

In a recent article, Risk & Insurance looked at high malpractice premiums for OB/GYNs and whether changes to the way OB/GYNs risks are managed...


Texas Medical Association: COVID-19 now a major cause of maternal death, GAO report

“We already knew that Black women were disproportionally affected by maternal death. COVID made that gap even bigger than it was before.”

OBHG’S Dr. Rakhi...


The Business Times: Diplomat program physician Dr. Patrick Pevoto named president of the Colorado Medical Society

Dr. Patrick Pevoto recently started his role as President of the Colorado Medical Society. He has served on the Board of Directors for six...

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