New Partnership with UHS Wilson Medical Center | OBHG

OBHG is pleased to welcome our 24th new partner of 2018, United Health Services' Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City, NY! 

"Our new partnership with UHS Wilson Medical Center reaffirms and strengthens OBHG's vision and mission of elevating the standard of women's healthcare one new hospital at a time," said Dr. Nicholas Kulbida, OBHG medical director of operations. "Pregnant women going on to deliver at UHS Wilson will be comforted in knowing that a dedicated OBHG physician will be immediately available to them 24/7/365 if needed. The UHS Wilson physician community will be reassured by knowing their patients are being cared for by a valued member of their Team and Hospital administrators will be relieved knowing they are working with a true partner in OBHG that will continue to assist them in overcoming the challanges of an evolving OB care delivery system."

The hospitalist team at UHS Wilson Medical Center will begin with Dr. Fred Nichols and a transitional team including Dr. Mark Spence and Dr. Paul Burke.  Dr. Marianne Davis and Dr. Antoine Naim will join the team in January and we will continue to recruit and ramp up to a full time program at UHS Wilson. Dr. Fred Nichols will serve as the regional site director for the program.

OBHG is looking forward to serving the families of the Johnson City area!

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