Boosting Clinical Engagement with Technology | OBHG

OBHG’s Ob Exchange platform serves as a one-stop shop where clinicians can connect, exchange information and access online tools. OBHG’s Elaine Stephenson and April Morris recently spoke with HIT Infrastructure about how the tool is improving clinician engagement across OBHG’s national network.

“We now have one place where physicians can collaborate and share best practices. We can talk about protocols with the hospitals and see if we can improve the quality of care and patient safety,” said Stephenson in the article.

“The connection side of the equation was out of necessity, since clinicians work disparate shifts. They see each other in passing, or maybe talk during a phone conference, but it’s extremely challenging to get people to sit down and discuss core issues for an extended period of time. We wanted to give them that communication without competing with shift schedules,” said Morris.

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