OBHG welcomes Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, CA

OBHG welcomes Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, CA with a ramp start, with Dr. Lillian Morris, Site Director covering shifts in October and full coverage starting 1/1/24.

Valley Presbyterian is one of the largest acute care hospitals in the San Fernando Valley and the only remaining full-service, independent, not-for-profit community hospital in the area. It treats over 100,000 patients every year and performs approximately 2,300 annual deliveries and 1,478 triage visits.

OBHG will implement an obstetric emergency department and provide 24/7 coverage including emergent gynecological (GYN) coverage. The hospital is looking to OBHG to support their goals to improve safety, quality and standardization of care for all patients and reduce risk to patients, clinicians, and the hospital.

The team at Valley Presbyterian Hospital includes Dr. Lillian Morris, Dr. Tamar Yacoel, Dr. Albert Penney, Dr. Omid Hakimian, Dr. Heidi Miller, Dr. Jennifer Lewis, Dr. Jimmy Ellis, and Dr. Gregory Sacher. Dr. Morris will serve as Site Director for this program.

This is the 29th OBHG program to start in 2023! OBHG looks forward to partnering Valley Presbyterian Hospital and positively impacting the lives of their physicians, women, and babies in their community.

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