OBHG’s operations team ensures hospital programs run smoothly and facilitates clinician success

In obstetrics, timely intervention can make all the difference for both mother and child. Recognizing this need, hospitals are increasingly turning to Ob Hospitalist Group to provide expert care for pregnant women.

At OBHG, every hospital partner is supported by a Director of Operations and a Clinical Site Director. The Director of Operations works closely with the Site Director in overseeing the operational management and oversight of OBHG’s hospital partner programs.
Collaborating with hospitals for better outcomes
At the heart of the success of OBHG’s programs lies...


The Obstetrics Podcast: What It’s Like to Be an OB Hospitalist

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OBHG hospitalist and employee take medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic

Medical mission trips provide a way to give back to others by helping people in need.

OBHG’s Dr. Denise Meckler and Brooke Elliott recently returned...


OBHG celebrates National Healthcare Quality Week

As part of Healthcare Quality Week, OBHG is maximizing the quality of care delivered to patients throughout our network of OB hospitalist programs by...


Join us at upcoming OB/GYN trade shows!

Ob Hospitalist Group is hitting the road all across the US and we hope to see you! Our dedicated clinical recruiters and clinicians will...


Together We Deliver: Employee Spotlight – Russ Chatfield, Vice President of Business Development

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Team from OBHG takes medical mission trip to El Salvador

The city of Santa Ana in El Salvador is well known for its production of coffee. It is similarly renowned as an area with...

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