VIDEO: Make 2023 the year for a balanced OB/GYN career – Dr. Teresa Marlino’s journey from private practice to OBHG

For more than 20 years prior to her career with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), Dr. Teresa Marlino worked in private practice. In 2019, she started part-time with OBHG as a hospitalist and now works full-time just 24-48 hours a week.

Like Dr. Marlino, one of the main reasons OB/GYNs come to OBHG is to regain balance in their personal and professional life. As a group and solo practitioner, Dr. Marlino spent two decades devoting countless hours to her patients but realized she could better serve women and her family by practicing as an OB hospitalist.

“I loved being able to just focus on patients in the hospital who needed my help. I loved not being pulled in so many different directions and feeling that I was just putting fires out everywhere in my personal and professional life […] when I go to work, I have a singular focus on what I’m doing in those 24 hours. My family knows not to bother me during that time unless something really serious is happening. And in that 24-hour shift, I really focus on what it is that I’m doing and why I’m there – to be there urgently as a safety partner to our community physicians at St. Luke’s and it has been a wonderful transition.”

With regained work/life balance, Dr. Marlino plans to extend her OB/GYN career by another 10 years – something that didn’t seem feasible before working as an OB hospitalist with OBHG.

Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Marlino’s journey from private practice.

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