Healthcare Risk Management Week with OBHG

During Healthcare Risk Management Week, we pause to recognize the dedication of our Risk Management, Quality and Compliance Department team. Their work is so important for improving patient outcomes, managing risk and increasing efficiencies.

Thanks to the work of our clinicians and risk management professionals, the addition of an OBHG program has positively impacted risk reduction resulting in fewer OB malpractice claims for many of our current hospital partners; as well as the reduction in malpractice payouts per lawsuit.

Please join us in saying thanks to our risk management, quality and compliance team members for all they do for our patients, clinicians and hospital partners.

If you would like to learn more about how OBHG’s SAFE program (a comprehensive risk management and quality program implemented between OBHG clinicians and hospital partners) has resulted in reduced risk and improved outcomes for both hospitals and clinicians, please contact us today

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