15 Reasons Why Hospitals partner with OB Hospitalist Group

For 15 years, Ob Hospitalist Group has partnered with hospitals nationwide to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare. Each of our 185+ partners is unique when it comes to number of deliveries, geographic location, patient population, local OB/GYN support and more. For this reason, hospitals collaborate with us for many different reasons. To celebrate our 15 years of collaboration, here are 15 reasons hospital leaders value our partnership.


“Our OBHG hospitalists are part of the team. They attend our perinatal committee, they give input…it isn’t as if they are a standalone team and they do their thing we do our thing, it’s all together.”
Annette Stier, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services
Providence St. Peter Hospital


“I have been very pleased with OBHG and the services provided to our facility. The amount of support given to our nursing staff as well as our nursing leadership has been very generous.”
Texas OBHG hospital partner


“I love having the physicians here because it’s an immediate resource. Instead of having to wait minutes or longer, having access to somebody who can immediately help us deliver a baby that’s in trouble, whether it be by emergency cesarean or a patient who comes in who is imminently delivering really makes a difference in the level of care that we can give.”
Kathryn Martin, Labor and Delivery Nurse
Norman Regional Health System


“OBHG helped to bring in an outside, positive influence as a back-up and guardrails for evidence-based standards of care. To have an OB on site, present 24/7 who could step in if there was a maternal complication was very important to us.”
Timothy Harris, Chief Medical Officer
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-Denton


“One of the advantages of partnering with OBHG is that they provide national benchmarks for us. They track lots of quality indicators that we look at to compare our programs against other programs in the nation.”
Deena Kail, Executive Director
West Tennessee Women’s Center and Ayers Children’s Medical Center


“The OBHG hospitalists have always been very responsive and provided tremendous support for the nursing staff. We have definitely seen improvement in our quality metrics.”
California OBHG hospital partner


“From a team-based standpoint, we now have a consistent presence in a very inconsistent environment to provide a stable base for organizing the chaos into something less chaotic.”
Audrey Williams, Maternity Care Coordinator and Fellowship Director of Surgical Obstetrics
Cox Medical Center South


“The program provides around-the-clock coverage and helps stabilize the lives of everyone involved, from the nurses on the floor to our employed OB/GYN physicians.”
Robert Kenney, Chief Medical Director
Baton Rouge General Medical Center


“OBHG hospitalists have personally gotten to know the community physicians so well that they can almost make decisions on their behalf using the preference cards they created. It’s just a really good partnership.”
Harrison Kiser Assistant, Chief Executive Officer
Willow Creek Women’s Hospital


“I do believe that it is important for women in the community to have choices for their pregnancy and birth experiences, as well as gynecological care. I believe that having this option at Bellevue enhances an already excellent program.”
Margaret Holcomb, Certified Nurse-Midwife
Capital Region Midwifery


“There’s somebody there 24/7. So this is a board certified OB/GYN whose only responsibility is to see women when they mainly come to the hospital and take care of their urgent needs.”
Matthew Lee, Medical Director for Women and Family Services
Ascension Wisconsin


“I like the standardization that OBHG brings to the care of our women. There is a lot more consistency than what we had with our past model. Patients are seen right away, and OBHG has been implementing protocols and standardization. I think that’s a big piece of it and we’re still seeing the program evolve.”
Barbara Yingling, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Mercy Medical Center


“We are doing this in order to keep things safe in our department. The hospitalists are willing to do this and be there consistently – every single day, twice a day. It’s another level of oversight they are helping us with.”
Florida OBHG hospital partner


“We looked at different hospitalist models and we explored potentially setting up our own hospitalist program. But we just felt that we wanted to go to the experts. OBHG brought their experience to the table, and they helped negotiate all of the logistics of the regulatory requirements for establishing the OB emergency department.”
Patricia Pollio, Director of OB/GYN; private physician at large OB/GYN group; president of medical staff
Good Samaritan Hospital


“Most hospital leaders will probably get some pushback about the cost but basically you are buying peace of mind. For 10% to 15% more, you are going to have no scheduling problems, no behavioral problems, you won’t have to have to worry about covering shifts last minute and you’re not going to have to worry about contract negotiations and making providers comply. You’re buying peace of mind and buying your time back which saves energy and makes your life a lot easier.”
Mark Olszyk, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs
Carroll Hospital Center

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