VIDEO: FAQs with OBHG – Do OB hospitalists experience continuity of care with patients in the hospital setting?

As part of a new series, FAQs with OBHG, our teams met with clinicians to address common misconceptions about working as a hospitalist with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG). Site Director, Dr. Susan Passarella has worked with OBHG since 2017. In the video, she discusses various ways she and fellow OBHG hospitalists experience continuity of care outside of traditional OB/GYN practice.

“When I left private practice it was a hard decision because I was afraid I was going to lose the continuity of care I had with the patients. It was one of the things that really attracted me to OB […] but over time as I experienced private practice and being pulled in many different directions, I knew that I couldn’t do everything for every patient and be there for everybody. If I did, I was going to give up something that was important to myself and time with my own family.”

While continuity of care certainly looks different as an OB hospitalist, Dr. Passarella acknowledges the strong relationships formed with her colleagues and the positive impact she makes on patients’ lives. Last winter, she received this holiday card from a patient whose delivery quickly went from textbook to emergent.

Letter from OBHG patient to NJ physician, Dr. Passarella

“There have been numerous times we all have found ourselves in similar situations. However, it’s easy to overlook the true impact we have on that patient and her family during this life-changing event. It was one of the things I was afraid I would lose as I transitioned from a private provider to a hospitalist […] It was the kind words and gratitude in this holiday card that made me take a step back and remember what makes the 24-hour shifts and challenging patients and cases worthwhile.”

Watch the video to learn more about continuity of care in the hospital setting.

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