Forbes on OBHG being the future of medicine

Calling Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) “the future of medicine,” a new article in Forbes Magazine explores the changing OB physician workforce. The author gives an overview of how the medical profession has evolved amidst the rising freelance revolution. He then focuses on OBHG, calling it a “unique and innovative entity” that is “furthest along in operation.”

The author outlines the benefits of OBHG’s model for hospitals, patients, doctors and medical practices. In the paragraph about hospital benefits, the author writes:
• The hospital is assured of excellent coverage, which translates to better health outcomes for patients. 
• Better outcomes help hospitals to build a stronger reputation and attract top docs (and their patients) in the area. 
• That translates, in turn, into a strong financial position for the hospital and the ability to invest in additional services and facilities. 

The piece also includes insights from OBHG’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Simon, on how to restructure the OB/GYN workforce:
“OB/GYN is ripe for workforce reorganization and how things are done. You need specialists focused on pre and post-natal care; you need skilled gynecology (GYN) surgeons; and you need dedicated physicians and midwives managing hospital deliveries and emergencies. There is so much data on maternal care requirements and the cost of care, and so much physician burn-out because of the way we’ve traditionally managed OB. The big message: we can provide great care, but we’ll have greater success if it’s not the same person doing it all.”

OBHG’s CEO, Lenny Castiglione also speaks to the importance of clinician career development in the article. Click here to read the full article and let us know if you are interested in partnering with OBHG or joining the OBHG team

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