Our founder and the birth of the Obstetrics Emergency Department

At the very beginning of his obstetrics career, Dr. Chris Swain was surprised to learn that many expectant mothers, concerned that something might be wrong, did not see a physician when they visited a hospital emergency room. Instead, they were transferred to the labor and delivery department and evaluated by a nurse taking instructions over the phone from a physician. If the patient and her baby were in serious distress, it became a waiting game, with the risk escalating every minute she waited for medical attention from her doctor — or any doctor.

Dr. Swain continued to be guided by a strong passion for women’s healthcare. “One night in early 2006, I woke up with an idea,” said Dr. Swain. “Private OB/GYNs not only suffered the inconvenience of being disturbed at all hours, but they also were taking risks by managing patients’ care over the phone without actually seeing them.” Realizing the seriousness of delays in care, Dr. Swain said he had an ‘aha’ moment. “We had to fix that, and the way to do it was by creating the 24/7 obstetric emergency department (OBED) utilizing the hospitalist model that had been adopted in internal medicine. The OBED not only could improve patient safety but also provide needed all-hours support for overworked local obstetricians.”

Soon afterward, a pilot program of the first OB hospitalist program and OBED model was launched in Florida, and hospitals across the country began to express interest.

Ob Hospitalist Group Today

Dr. Swain founded OBHG with the vision of ensuring that every expectant mother was afforded consistent, unconditional quality medical care by a highly skilled clinician when presenting to the labor and delivery department. Today, OBHG’s purpose still remains the same with our clinicians on the front lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, helping to elevate the quality and safety of women’s healthcare. Since its formation, OBHG has continued to optimize the solution – blending site-specific customization with national best practices – to continuously elevate the standard of care for pregnant women and their babies.

Today, with the expanding demand for OB hospitalist medicine combined with the breadth and flexibility of OBHG’s services, Dr. Swain’s solution has evolved into the standard of care and OBHG’s national network of hospital partners continues to grow.

"One night in early 2006, I woke up with an idea. Private OB/GYNs not only suffered the inconvenience of being disturbed at all hours, but they also were taking risks by managing patients' care over the phone without actually seeing them. Delays in care at this time can be serious.
It was my 'aha' moment."

-Christopher Swain, MD

A Journey Through Our History


OBHG, LLC is incorporated in Florida

Four OB hospitalists with OBHG's first program deliver 15 babies


ACOG identifies hospitalist medicine as “the future of OB practice”

Eighteen OB hospitalists serving four OBHG programs deliver 972 babies


OBHG’s headquarters moves to Greenville, SC

Summit Partners becomes an OBHG investor

Eighty-five OB hospitalists serving 19 programs deliver 4,928 babies


OBHG celebrates 1 million physician hours served

Summit Partners sells OBHG to Ares Management, Ascension Ventures becomes investor

OBHG is listed as one of Forbes’ 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America


OBHG’s hospital programs rises to 65 in 24 states


A new executive leadership team is formed

At 89 OBHG programs, 27,366 babies are delivered by 411 clinicians


OBHG joins Gryphon Investors’ portfolio

Ares Management and Ascension Ventures maintain their financial relationships with OBHG

The first OBHG Clinical Leadership Meeting is held

Ob Exchange (a web-based tool for clinical engagement) is launched


Employees move to new 43,805 square foot headquarter offices in Greenville, SC

Houston, TX employees move to new executive office space

With the launch of 27 new programs, total OBHG hospital partnerships number 145 OBHG launches its CARE peer support program

Physicians are selected to participate in OBHG’s first Clinical Leadership Academy

OBHG’s Diplomat program launches (for OBs interested in traveling the country)

New OBHG residency recruitment program launches


Milestone of more than 1,000 clinicians and support team employees is reached

OBHG programs span 33 states


OBHG clinicians ensure the safety of OB patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic


OBHG celebrates the company’s 15th anniversary.

Partnership with Kohlberg & Company announced, with Kohlberg acquiring the Company from Gryphon Investors.