OBHG Veterans: How military experience has shaped OB/GYN careers

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) clinicians provide unsurpassed care to moms and babies every day across the country. Before they joined OBHG, many of our clinicians served in the armed forces. Their desire to care for others has played an integral role in the way they serve those in our care. We recognize that military service members offer essential skills in leadership, commitment, adaptability and integrity. This Veterans Day, we pause to recognize our clinicians who have served in the United States Military.

“In May 1988, I was commissioned in the US Naval Reserve as a physical therapist. During Operation Desert storm, I was activated and deployed to the Persian Gulf – Al Jabaal, Saudi Arabia- providing fleet hospital medical support to the Marines. While crouched in a foxhole one night as Patriot and Scud missiles flew overhead, I had an existential moment and made the decision that when I got out of this mess, I would return home and apply to medical school.

Being in the military helps you to be working in coordination and concert with a large group of people towards a mission and learning to be flexible as you adapt to what situation you’re in – which is really what we do as OB hospitalists. We’re working towards a mission of providing quality, evidence-based care to the community of women who are delivering at that hospital site, as well as providing obstetrical and gynecologic support in the emergency room to the community. So, I believe that the missions and the goals are very similar to what we learn as a functioning military unit.”

Dr. Teresa Marlino

Market Medical Director and Site Director

Veteran of the US Navy Reserves


Since I’ve joined OBHG, I’ve always found it has been a company that both recognizes and supports veterans and what they’ve done for their country. I think it translates well from a mission, vision, values perspective when you look at what it’s like serving in the military and also what it’s like working with OBHG. Honor and Integrity are two core values that both the military and OBHG recognize. One of the key things you learn in the service is that it is a teamwork game– we would say “two is one and one is none”. We are very collaborative and team based from the top down and we really value collaboration and individual conributions to the group effort.”

Dr. Charles Rollison

Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations

Veteran of the US Navy



To all veterans, we thank you.

OBHG Veterans:

Dr. Teresa Marlino, Dr. Brian Cobb, Dr. Mark Lobaugh, Dr. Fed Seale, Dr. Mark Stowers, Dr. Erna Waxman, Dr. Michael Meyer, Dr. Eric Johnson, Bergen Vardell, CNM, Dr. Lynda Cilliam, Stacey Smalley, CNM, Dr. Nicole Fanning, Dr. Tim Puckett, Dr. Mark Harrison, Dr. Charla Morgan, Dr. Rolland Williby Jr., Dr. Steven Edmondson, Julie Williams, CNM, Dr. Haley Strickland, Dr. Maria Cayabyab, Dr. Cathleen Brown, Dr. Gary Person, Dr. Jeffrey Hermann, Dr. George Kingsley, Siobhan Kubesh, CNM, Dr. David Lang, Dr. Charles Rollison, Dr. John Nordeen, Dr. Tracy Thompson, Dr. Karen Bordson, Dr. Meredith Lane, and others.

*This is not a conclusive list of all veterans at Ob Hospitalist Group.

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